Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Poe Toaster Enjoys an Unmolested Anniversary

Baltimore, Maryland--He's been doing it since as early as 1949, and he got to do it again this year without being molested by Sam Porpora or a bunch of punks. It appears that Mr. Porpora is still claiming his false title of being the 'real Poe toaster,' but the legend itself was allowed to continue into another year.

Each year the anonymous toaster comes in his nondescript outfit, leaving three red roses and a partially-emptied bottle of cognac at the original site of Edgar Allan Poe's grave at the cemetery of Westminster Presbyterian Church.

Here's to keeping a mystery alive, we need them. There's no mystery to the fact that the Poe toaster isn't Sam Porpora, one only needs to know how to count-backwards. This isn't 'The Gold Bug,' it's a demented old man clutching pathetically at fame.