Monday, January 21, 2008

Sam Eardth, Where Art Thou?

Planet Eardth--Do a little search on this name here at this site, a name that had to be invented by a half-wit, a name that never existed in the history of mankind. 'Smith' would have been a wiser choice. The moment I began writing about the legal situation of 'DC Madam' Deborah Jeane Palfrey, Sam Eardth emerged out of the aether, fully-formed...well, not exactly. He was a little malformed, like an ugly little demiurge, the afterbirth of God.

'Sam' sent me several 'CEASE AND DESIST' e-mails, but wouldn't identify themselves through their clumsy pseudonymn. One can imagine why with all of the lawsuits cutting-loose these days. We are--after all--a litigious society, and that's OK. To Sam & Co.: You're assholes. If you had any balls or credibility at all, you'd reveal who you are. I'm not intimidated.

Sam, if you're part of the prosecution team under D.C. 's U.S. Attorney Jeffrey A. Taylor, you're harassing me under the color of authority. That's a major crime, but realize that there is nothing that's going to cause the removal of the material published on this site about the 'Hookergate' scandal--a scandal that's really about institutionalized and illegal lobbying of Congress. Congress--being a slut--is known to happily oblige as much as possible, regardless of who's in power.

It is a political event, and the media are colluding in covering it all up. The use of women to obtain government contracts is being sidelined so it doesn't affect the GOP so badly in 2008, but it's not going away. Rep. Louis Slaughter has called for further inquiries into Shirlington Limousine, the other government contractor involved in the Cunningham scandal. U.S. Attorney scandal? You bet there's a connection, the exposures are coming. Shirlington Limousine and Christopher D. Baker could possibly be the crux of several scandals, which is why investigations are being blocked.