Tuesday, January 15, 2008

"Congress Unlikely to Block Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia"

Washington D.C.--Thanks Democratic incumbents (more like recumbents, or "prone"), and thanks for reminding us all why most of you are going to be gone after the next couple election-cycles. We can all feel safer now, knowing that our "leaders" are selling smart bombs to the nation that supports radical Islamic terrorists more than any other, our beloved Saudis. Won't it be nice to see smart bombs crashing into the New York City skyline soon? And how is Jerry Bruckenheimer (Schmidt, his name is my name too) going to top that? Will there ever be a "Top Gun" sequel...aww, now you had to bring up Randall "Duke" Cunningham again. Right, someone has to. And while we're at it, why not bring up Shirlington Limousine, its CEO Christopher D. Baker, Mitchell Wade, and Brent Wilkes? The time has come to open the records of Shirlington Limo, Congress, it's overdue.