Sunday, January 13, 2008

Mr. "Bridge to Nowhere": Is the Fix on for Senator Ted Stevens?

Washington D.C./Anchorage, Alaska--Is this investigation ever going to conclude? Right, wait until the elections are over, the usual MO. Since the first summer 2006 raids on his home and the homes of six other Alaskan state and congressional representatives, we haven't seen much. Sure, there was another one this July, but that was five-months-ago. Shouldn't we just have another one for good measure, just for the hell-of-it? It's a safe bet Stevens will be breaking-the-law when the feds come barging in. There have already been trials for the Alaskan state reps, but what about Senator Ted Stevens and Representative Dan Young? Either you have something, you don't, or you're just sitting on it.

The Sunlight Foundation has a good page on Bill Allen, former CEO of VECO involved in the investigations of Stevens and Young, he's been dragged into court to testify in some of the Alaskan state representative trials and we should be seeing more of him for future ones...but when? What's the holdup? Ted Stevens and Dan Young are not men, but then, hardly anyone in Congress is a genuine adult. The real question is whether the Bush administration is attempting to put the brakes on further actions in the investigations of Stevens and Young (and Vitter, and Hastert, and Delay, and Foley, and Doolittle, and Lewis, and on-and-on...). It seems many Democrats have also willingly sold their souls to the highest-bidder (take note Barbara Boxer, your employer is Boeing). Please allow me to introduce myself...

"I'll Sell My Soul to the Devil...", The Washington Post, 11.12.20007:

Sunlight Foundation on Bill Allen (a panoply of articles and context):