Saturday, April 27, 2013

Was the Boston Marathon Bombing Done Over a Sleight?

Even in the earliest reports, we've been seeing that the Tsarnaev family was dysfunctional. Zubeidat Tsarnaev, the mother of the bombing suspects, was busted for shoplifting at a Lord & Taylor fashion shop. Now we're finding out that she was on the same terror watch list as her oldest son. 

Another of their store locations was on Boston's Bolyton Street, where the bombings took place, and where video captures of her two sons were taken moments before and after the blast. With the evidence is mounting against the deceased suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev and his younger brother Dzokhar, and with some arrows pointing at the mother, investigators in Dagestan speaking with associates of hers, I wouldn't be too surprised if she was arrested soon.

We might just find out that there was no sound ideological or religious justification (you think?) behind the bombing at all. What it could have been was retribution directed at Lord & Taylor and Boston in general for charging their mother with shoplifting. If she was guilty, and they were of what they're alleged to have done, what you have is nothing more than a pack of criminals and nothing close to terrorists. All of Zubeidat's crazy conspiracy theories about what might have occurred conveniently point away from her sons in the face of almost irrefutable physical and photographic evidence, as well as eyewitness testimony from the carjacking victim they kidnapped and confessed to. Her theories, by obvious implication, then, point away from her. 

The uncle on the father's side of the family might know a lot more about this woman than he's stated so far, and what they were capable of, what he might have thought they were headed towards. But who could predict something so crazy? I'm also betting that the enigmatic "Misha" is more of a red-herring thrown out there by the parents.

This has nothing to do with Islam.

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