Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Monique Rawlings

Still waiting for an explanation from Jason Leopold about who you really are, and what you both were up to, specifically. I'm not coloring it as anything conspiratorial, criminal, but yes, I believe what you two were up to was unethical.

Oh yeah, and I thought I'd write your name a few more times online since it pisses you off, you asshole, fuck you very much. You might rank as one of the biggest phonies and assholes I've come across in my life, a real turd. You have a sense of entitlement that's absurd, and yes, it colors my view of Mr. Leopold that he was associate with a piece of excrement like you, you asshole, you little woman, you fake. Not only are you a sellout, you remind me what a antisocial personality disorder looks like in action.

Did I say you were an asshole? I did, but let's say it again: You're an asshole, but you know this every time you look in the mirror. It might not be conscious--you are an egomaniac, after all--but you know you're a joke. You did everything you could at key moments to consciously paint me in a bad light before Jeane. There was no call for it, and it was a betrayal of trust. How can you possibly call yourself a progressive when you stab someone in the back, not once, but twice?

The first time, and we were effectively out of an official agreement with Jeane, I emailed her asking to publish something that you and Jason clearly coveted. I don't even recall what the fuck it was, or care anymore, but you then sent out an email trying to define the situation in a way that absolutely inappropriate under the circumstances, you had an agenda, a selfish one, then had the audacity to turn around and project it onto me. That's classic manipulative behavior, and I have to wonder if you're sick. The other time was unbelievably petty, in our pointless conference call with that other fake and hustler, Sam Deskin. That's in the book, I won't reiterate here, but it was coming from someone who hadn't been asked to help by the defendant as I had, you had approached Jeane. You had no call or moral high ground, and in fact, are profoundly antisocial to do something of that order, unbelievable the temerity there.

My advice? Get help, now. Also, who are you, really? What are you? One thing I do know, and that's that you have no real sense of morality at all. And that's why I outed your ass. You then had the gall to be upset and angry when I did this after all you had done--the insults, the jabs, and finally, the two events I described above. Fuck you. Fuck your family that unfortunately bore and raised you, poorly I might add, though that might be your and the fault of your genes there. Finally, lastly, you have the most appalling grammar I have ever witnessed outside of Mississippi, or skid row, pathetic. You either never proof, or you can barely write. I'm sure that's never been a hindrance for you in the corporate world. Fuck you.

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