Tuesday, October 30, 2012

let the dead bury the dead release date & other issues surrounding the text

This is still up in the air. I'll be prepping a standalone site for the book. It should have an excerpt, no you cannot quote from it or republish without permission, period. Written requests will be fine, and granting use will be completely at the author's discretion. There is no middleman here.

On the media, interviews, reviews copies, etc.: There will be no advance copies, period, and serious inquiries only. Not to be a dick (or to be one to the right people), but I'm not made of money. No free rides, I would if I could. Also, the idea of someone reviewing a book on something so personal seems pretty laughable to me outside of the technical side--style, format, depth, things that are logical and sincere rather than someone playing games. You'll be kicked to the curb immediately the moment I detect you're fucking me around, it's not going to play. That written, I expect the mainstream media to go out of their way to ignore this book because so much of it is about them and how disgusting they truly are, you have no idea.

Even in death, they keep killing her, mark this. CNN is one one of the major offenders: they will occasionally throw a blurb out there on the case either in a crappy documentary on prostitution (often upscale, with the rich & powerful), and the results speak for themselves: a willfully superficial misrepresentation of the case to protect what it was really about, their usual mercenary MO.  For this reason, even were they to somehow contact me, they'd have an uphill battle on their hands, and that's putting it mildly. I don't expect to hear from any of them no matter how well the books sells.

You didn't just walk into McDonald's, and no, you cannot have fries with that. I don't value most of your opinions, because you weren't involved. I don't even value those of many others who were, as the book will make plain as day. Yes, they're my opinions, and they're more educated than yours about the case. The only people who probably know more are the former prosecutors and judges, and they're compromised. Don't expect anything honest out of most of them, and many of them cannot tell you anyway thanks to confidentiality agreements. My role was far looser, so I can tell more, much more. But, you don't care about the truth anyway, my whole point here and in the book...

On the cult of personality & writers: When I was a kid, over a generation ago in the 1970s, there was no access to the Internet by the general public. You frequently didn't know what an author looked like, what their life was like or where they'd been, and so on, unless you did a lot of looking and research, and that was costly. Now, it isn't, it's all a few keystrokes away. What's the same between then and now is the cult of personality, which I hate and view as part of the disease of this dying culture and nation. People to others for answers are at the top of my shit-list, so, don't come looking to me for any, that's not my job, it's everyone's. The individual has to look within. Fools don't, cowards won't, and I don't have time either, not one moment, so save the effort. I know almost every trolling approach too, so again, don't bother, I will detect it and you will be removed or ignored. If you don't take a hint, if you harass me, for whatever reason is in your head, as compromised as some of them are, law enforcement and the courts will be brought into play. I'm not fucking around ask people who know me, they'll tell you. They'll also tell you that if you cross the line far enough that I'll be coming for you until I'm satisfied.

On Mark Capansky: I believe this little shithead has been harassing me. Any phony or actual cease and desists without a court order will be duly ignored. And, if I have to publish the book out of some Siberian shithole, I will, maybe even out of Iceland if necessary. I will not bow, because, unlike most of you out there, I have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

However, if Mr. Capansky wants to explain why his number (or parents') was in the DC Madam's phone records, I'm all ears, and we can keep it off the record. On the other hand, if the dialog devolves into threats--if you even piss me off--it all goes online unredacted. I'm not fucking around here at all. If you want to fuck around, do it with the stupid women that are attracted to such a retard. By the way, I'm not jealous, as the book will make starkly clear. I don't share your hollow values and view America as a criminal, white supremacist nation, and hence, a large part of why it's crumbling, it's dysfunctional. This country sucks, you definitely suck, and go fuck yourself...

On writing a book that's non-fiction, true crime, & a historical document: I don't recommend it. There are no ground rules. Reconsider if it looks like it will take up a stage of your life. I was in my thirties when this began, now I'm rocketing towards the bad side of fifty, fuck you very much.

On literature: The book is very literary. For me, this isn't the usual approach. I do read a lot of fiction, but most of my reading is historical and non-fiction. I have been more of a student of history than anything else. A lot of reading in my life is packed into this book. The reader might find this not to their liking, or anything in-between--these are not my concerns, and unless it's constructive, I don't want hear your opinions beyond pointing-out factual errors, typos, and so on. The case, as the primary materials in the book will show, was riven through with literary references. I wasn't looking for them. They announced themselves. That brings me to...

Occult references & themes in the DC Madam case: These were also present and announced themselves. I wasn't looking for them. However, as Jesus said, for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, and I do, and did. Most aren't attuned to this, I am, and once again, I'm not interested in the expressions of your egos, only in fact and truth, which the vast majority of you wouldn't know either were they to bite you in the ass extracting a pound of flesh. You couldn't miss this, especially considering the well-established fact that Jeane was fascinated by American Spiritualism (yes, seances, no, I am not a believer).

The case was archetypal on its own. I didn't see anything that wasn't there or implicit to it. Again, your opinions are irrelevant, and I don't care unless they augment and add something to the story, understanding, illuminate it more, whatever, but other than that, don't care.

On the former Pamela Martin escorts: I don't have a lot of respect for these women. Some wrong-headed types do for reasons that escape me, but I'm sure have to do more with gender and identity politics and wishful thinking. Once again, I don't care what you're opinions are unless you somehow had contact with them, know previously unknown aspects and facts about the case, or you have an angle on it I never considered for some of the aforementioned reasons. Beyond that, I don't care and don't want to hear your ego flexing, it won't play and I'll kick your ass to curb.

I'm sure most of my sources have withheld things from me--that's normal, human behavior. I'm not a believer in human nature or unicorns. We have tendencies. Those tendencies come out under certain circumstances and conditions. I'm intolerant of mythmakers and believers of myths. None of these women were saints. Yes, they were paid inadequately--welcome to the contemporary world, welcome to the United States and a world that's primarily ordered along patriarchal lines. I didn't make this world, you didn't, most of us didn't, and I'm not a supporter of it. In fact, I'm one of its victims, fuck you very much. You can beatify these ladies all you want, but when the truth came out, you'd look like the genuine fools with an opinion that you really are. Welcome to the human jungle, now think more often before you open your trap, or when you post something online. We all make mistakes. None of us is made of light, we all shit every morning, if we're lucky. That gut you have going is all the proof you should need that you're not a god. We're all imperfect, we all die one day, and the rest is games, lies, deceit, and horrendous, tragic, stupidity.

Insofar as I have been able to ascertain, no one, and I mean no one, has been able to find and interview these women and get some new relevant information from them, and to publish on it, nary a soul. Only one of them has come my way--allegedly, Andrea Detty who's alleged to be an alleged journalist now--and they may not even be one of them, perhaps a fake online identity, and of course, they weren't willing to convey anything of value whatsoever that I didn't already know. That's because, and this should be no surprise to anyone with their higher functions still intact, they were prostitutes and there's a reason why the term "lying whore" came into being, which I learned from direct experience in the case. Not one of them has had the courage and credibility to come forward and to follow through. One of them approached journalist Ken Silverstein during the proceedings, his moronic secretary lost the phone number they left (why not search of the phone calls that day at Harper's?), and they never reestablished contact. Thanks for fucking us, lady, but at least you tried. The rest stand as rats as far as I'm concerned, the real whores, not Palfrey, and they have earned this derision. Ever heard of confidentiality agreements with journalists, ladies? Quit kidding yourselves that you have credibility. Your silence speaks volumes.

On Jack Burkman of Focus on the Family & a lot more: There's an entire chapter devoted to dear Jack, as a template for the average Republican player in Palfrey's phone records. Expect fireworks. Expect what you suspected and knew--that he's a pathetic asshole, a scumbag, and a hypocrite.

On SAIC's presence in the phone bills and elsewhere: They're key to whatever was behind the case and the charges moving forward, not the actual solicitation by Jeane and the girls, which was what was really the incidental side of it. They're emblematic of the crisis in government today of runaway spending and war profiteering by contractors and politicians. They're connected to so many players in all this that it does have meaning to the case in ways that I never expected, not was looking for, but once again, there it was, winking at me over and over.

On the CIA's role in the case: This will get more of a factual airing than previously, although, regardless of what you might think of him, Montgomery Blair Sibley, Jeane's longest running counselor during the proceedings, has done a good job addressing in his own text, Why Just Her. I recommend it and consider both our accounts complimentary of each other. I'm not going to defend his public behavior. Federal District Judge Gladys Kessler granted wide-ranging subpoenaing power to the Palfrey defense that covered virtually the entire intelligence establishment. Ask yourself why the mainstream media never covered this, then go ask them, over and over again, until they cry uncle.

I'll have more to say later. Search the labels on this article for more. I cannot see a release date of later than late November, but no later than some time in December. That is all.


  1. Can I use your "fuck you very much" statement? I have several miscreants in my life that need to hear it and you state it so eloquently Matt.

    Can't wait to read the book!

    Love ya,


  2. Thanks Vicky. You may be the only person whose opinion I care about with all this, having been harassed by law enforcement, nutty prosecutors, and so on. You might also be the only one paying attention besides the NSA. ;0)

    I'm getting contacted a little here and there, but I would bet $100 USD that the plan is to ignore me as much as humanly possible, and I include many of the so-called "progressive" websites and organizations since they're fraudulent poseurs. If the book sells well enough, I'll send you a signed copy, it's easy on the eyes, larger type for the most part. The hard copy will be largish.

    Right now, it's just down to a few more dicking around kinds of things, copyrighting, yadda-yaddas, and so on, stupid shit, nit-picking. Then the folks at CreateSpace can decide whether I've gone too far, not that I foresee any problems there, at all.

    However, some invisible hands (not the marketplace, that's a myth of Libertardians & other loons)intervened during the case, so who knows?

    I found out today some asshole my ex-wife brought around croaked three years ago. Good, he was a fucking drunk and a pain in the ass. They shipped his carcass back to Mississippi where it belonged, with all the other corpses there, living, dead, and undead. I will not mourn him.

    "Fuck you very much" statement? Yeah, have at it, beat them with that big stick until they crawl away for awhile back to the piss-stained, moss-covered rock they cunts crawled out from under. As you can tell, I'll be hurling insults like some hurl Molotov cocktails in the book, and not many people can be as effectively insulting as I am, and will continue to be, until the end of my life.

    The best is going to be when the "concern trolls" come out of the woodwork, whining about horseshit they pulled out of their asses that isn't even pertinent to the book.

    To my whore ex-wife: I'm sure you're fatter and uglier now. But stupidity never changes, never alters. All I can say is that you were a good lay for a short time, and not much else, and I would apply that to most women I've ever met in the flesh. Label it whatever you all want, but the fact is that I hate most all of the human race, and whatever sticks, works for me. What the ex doesn't get is what Burroughs once wrote: "Hustlers of the world...there is one mark you cannot beat...the mark inside." People who are perverse destroy themselves eventually, from the inside, or out. That diseased whore died inside ages ago...

    Completely off that topic and theme, Vicky, I will be interested in your opinions. Anyone with a sincere interest in the Occult will find something of interest in this book, and a lot more.

    Students of history and historiography (writing about history, events) maybe more so.

    Some true crime fans will love the book, others will find it overlong and too wordy, the latter-of-which I don't give a shit about. You actually met Jeane and are clearly thoughtful, with a sense of curiosity. For those without one, this book will be anathema, but then, they probably cannot bring themselves to read a fucking comic book, they're so lazy.

    And there are people who were involved in the story who don't come out smelling like roses, not at all. Mr. Sibley is not one of them, though I look at him realistically and fairly, often where others have not. Journalist Larisa Alexandrovna is a hero in my book in all of this. Jason Leopold, not so much a hero, villain, but I don't care for some of his methods of journalism--you don't embed a mole in the defense of someone charged, not even if they agree to a quid pro quo, never, it's unethical. Jeane comes off as a human being, something she was never allowed by the press... [cont.]

  3. My co-researcher was that mole. I don't approve of the arrangement, and this individual (last name Rawlings, there is a label) was a complete competitive asshole, pushy, arrogant, and a cunt, yes, a fucking cunt in every respect, and I'm being far too restrained here, what an asshole.

    Additionally, I go lighter on Jeane's trial attorney, Preston Burton. I think Mr. Burton did the best he could with a shitty situation, and a suicidal client, but what do I know about what passed between them?

    Jeffrey A. Taylor & his former bumbling AUSAs, his former prosecution team, are all scumbags. I make it crystal clear why. Also on the scumbag list is Alex Jones--yes, that asshole, the conspiracy kook--who was literally laying the groundwork for the "She were suicided" theory BEFORE Jeane died, in their final phone interview. It's on Youtube, check it out, I was appalled. He kiss my ass in Hell, and I hope he meets the fate of Hal Turner, and I assume he's closet queen since he's so obsessed with homosexuals.

    A lot of these people should suck on a .44 after eating a leper (thanks Al Goldstein).

    Topping the shithead list is The Smoking Gun's Bill Bastone (aka "Pinocchio" in the book): that cocksucker must pay. He did an official leak for the govt. prosecutors, maybe even some investigators, and it was illegal, an unsigned warrant affidavit. At least one arrow points at USPS Inspectors Joe Clark and Maria Couvillon, but it could have been routinely sent to Taylor and Co. To leak it is a felony. Yet, no charges or inquiry into Bastone, Clark, Couvillon, or the fucks at the DOJ, the Lollipop Guild under Taylor, his AUSAs.

    There's a lot the public was never told: Why weren't they told that the CIA was presented with a subpoena and wouldn't accept it at the gates at Langley from a Federal Marshal, the issuer? That's illegal, like most everything they do.

    Why wasn't the public told that Judge Kessler granted Jeane unprecedented subpoenaing powers over the ENTIRE INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY, then was abruptly removed from the case without explanation? I have yet to hear one, read one, see one at all. Hey, there might be answers, but my part is done. I leave the door open for others with the book.

    Bottom line: I was a participant, there are no rules. An account is a primary document by someone who was part of a historical event, period. After that, it's fact checking. I welcome any and all corrections that can be verified and corroborated. When I speculate in the book, you know it, I make it clear.

    Money talks? No, it's bullshit with money walks, hopefully on two legs, but careerists would kiss the Devil's ass, so...

    There is a lot on puritanism in the book, the history of it, but also some of the foundations of Western thought--specifically, the mind-body split that Descartes "discovered." This colors a lot of the problems in Western civilization and why we can cut a tree down or pollute a river we drink from, and not give a shit. We don't think things are connected to us, but the are, and that's part of the mind=body split. That error in thinking is all over this case.

  4. PS: I cannot access my Google account right now, hence all this writing. The reaction to Sandy has crippled it, and Twitter too.

    Best wishes, Matt

    PS to others: If you're serious about interviewing me, I will, but there will be preconditions. Don't like it? Then fuck off, I don't care about you, or your uninformed or preformed opinions.

    The moment I realize you're full of shit is when it's over and you're shooed away. If you fight it, expect the horns. Like my blog states on the masthead, I bite back, and I give better than I get, I will fuck you up.

    Now, if you have some logical, intelligence questions, and you've done your homework, fine, great, let's have at it. Don't do your homework, come around with an attitude of entitlement, or any kind of shiftiness, I will detect it, you will be duly insulted, reviled by me, and unceremoniously kicked to the curb.

    There will be no preview copies. Review copies go out to those agreeing to do a review. There will be hoops to jump through. I will look into your background, I will research you and your writing beforehand. If you don't pass the muster, you'll be told there will be no interview, but I won't leave you hanging.

    Basically, we're talking the Golden Rule here: Think about how you would want to be approached and treated. If you cannot abide by that, don't bother, I will uncover who you are, and what you're up to, rest assured. I have very good sources who can tell me exactly what's going on.

    Have a nice fucking day, mooks and midriffs...

  5. Matt,

    They may try, but I seriously doubt that they'll be able to ignore you or the book. You say it better than anyone I have ever encountered. I only wish that I had your talent with words.

    I have felt those "invisible hands" more often than I care to think about. If disputing the account of events is not possible, then burying it is always the next strategy. I seriously doubt they'll be successful in this situation though. If I ever considered packing my bags (blogs and website) and exiting the online world to live in peace, this is the main reason that I have not and will not in the future.

    Have you noticed that Alex Jones receives little attention these days? I used to run into his videos and/or statements all over the internet and rarely come across him anymore. lol - And who is Monique Rawlings? Never heard of her (hehe).

    Thank you for the permission to borrow your "fuck you very much" statement. If I title a blog post with it, Google would probably bury it, so it will be repeated often within the post. I also feel that way about so many these days. It's been more than 10 years since the day they dragged me from my home and I'm still as angry as ever. I'll never forget and I doubt that I'll ever forgive. Funny how the perps fault me for my lack of forgiveness, yet not one has ever acknowledged what was done to me or apologized for any action whatsoever.

    I'll take my anger to my grave; no doubt.

    Take care Matt,


  6. Again, thanks Vicky, and the "fuck you very much" comes by way of industrial music pioneer Boyd Rice by way of a woman he knew who worked a cash register in Cali in the 70s, I think in Los Angeles, some thrift store. She would say that to customers and none of them noticed, at least not for a long time. It's in the REseach book "Pranks," has Jello Biafra and many others in it, a real hoot. Some of the best pranks ever done. That was a minor one.

    Rawlings was my co-researcher when I was hired by Jeane to do general research on defense/intel. contractor Brent Wilkes, Randy Cunningham, Kyle Foggo, Mitchell Wade (I believe I urged his inclusion, we made what were like dossiers, at least I did...), and Thomas Kontogiannis (called the "CIA's money launderer"). Most of them are in federal prison for corruption in contracts appropriations, the process.

    Rawlings was not approached in the spring of 2007 by Jeane to help, but I was, which changes the nature of my involvement--I wasn't some mere mercenary looking for a scoop. I did want a story and have been open from the beginning, but I wanted to help her FOR REAL, not curry favor with her to obtain more stories. I did ask Jeane once after the research if I could publish on something she told us in a Cc'd email. Rawlings immediately attempted to cast it in a negative light, but the fact remains that I ASKED UPFRONT, then published nothing? Pretty evil of me, eh, to ask? lol Rawlings was an asshole towards me from the start, and for no apparent reason, I did nothing to her, there was no basis except that she's an over-competitive asshole and a nut, a corporate fruitcake.

    At one point I think she said she worked for the company that's essentially Amway, so you know what kind of asshole we're dealing with here if that's the case.

    When we got paid, Mr. Sibley copied all of our information--scanned the forms from the federal defender's office, every page--so, sure, she has my SS# and address, etc., but I also have hers. I haven't published any of it, and she should feel grateful, although I wouldn't ever publish her SS# for reasons that should be obvious, besides it serving no purpose at all.

    I feel used and abused because of this, and Jeane was dumb enough to listen a little--this of course was how she maintained control over us too, that unspoken threat of being shut out. As you might have guessed, I fought back and ultimately didn't give a shit by the spring of 2008, really by the middle of February, enough to be involved anymore. Jeane was becoming erratic and unhinged towards the end. Like I wrote, I doubt that Rawlings will ever write a book since she cannot write coherently, and her grammar is atrocious, what I would expect from a corporate drone.

    There many other problems with her, a total asshole, arrogant, entitled like you see in rich white men (she's mixed & if what she told me about her family culture is true, perhaps bigoted towards full-bore African-Americans), and there was just a litany of smart-assed remarks, jabs, jibes, all kinds of bullshit behavior that's appropriate to a playground, pathetic.

    I refuse to read anything she's allegedly written, because she cannot write, and because I don't trust her or her view of things on any level whatsoever. Take it as you will. There was a point where I stupidly trusted her--that was promptly betrayed, and I'm not imaging the shit either, it was very unpleasant and unnecessary.


  7. ...
    Now, either Jason Leopold tapped her to get the story and the job with the defense was happenstance, like with me, or she approached Palfrey first, then went to Leopold, and with his backing in some form got onto the defense as his contact--not ethical in my book at all, and I don't care about the codified rules of their profession, I'm not a journalist, more a chronicler. Anyway, these people will not explain themselves, I've tried, no dice. What do I want? What do think? A goddamned apology, and I'm not being humorous here, I insist. It doesn't matter, she got what she had coming for her behavior, I'm mostly satisfied. You see, I have nothing to lose, she does, and as you can tell, I'm a hell of a lot more open that those folks are about nearly anything, but Leopold at least admitted to some pretty unflattering things about himself in his autobiography. He's famous for his part in uncovering the ENRON scandal.

    As fate would have it--or is it fate at all?--Rawstory's investigative editor at that time, Larisa Alexandrovna (who uncovered polling irregularities in Ohio in 2000 & some basic facts in the outing of CIA field officer Valerie Plame by Bush II)knows and is friends-of-sorts with Leopold. We're in contact lately. Whenever I bring him or Rawlings up in emails, I get nothing but a wall of silence. Now, you tell me, because she won't, he won't, and Rawlings won't. I'm not implying anything dark, but I'd like to know what the hell this shit is, it's annoying and disrespectful to me, or anyone who was on the receiving end.

    SO: Who knows? Either way, whatever. Larisa was a hero in all of this.

    Check here to see what I mean. There was no reason for Citizens for Legitimate Government to out the Joe six-pack johns and publish Jeane's, her mother's, sister's, etc., and those working-class men, to name just a few types:


    Journalism is a tightrope. If that's the out for Jason, fine, he's an excellent journalist and is doing great work covering the national security state. However, if his methods are like Rawlings' and he approved of them, I have a bone to pick with him too. I don't think he knew, personally, what she was up to, but that's like saying Andrew Carnegie didn't realize his management were working people 12-16 hr. days at the steel mills in Homestead during the 1890s. From my communications between Jeane, Rawlings, and myself, it seemed clear to me that this asshole was his creature in some way. He was starting a new website of his own at the time and maybe wanting to go solo from his employer, don't know.

    In the words of the late Hunter S. Thompson, I'm a computerized elephant, I never forget. I forgive when there are apologies. In this case it would have to be done publicly. It'll never happen, and all of this will remain up on here, all I've written on her, indefinitely. If I have to move it somewhere else, I will, rest assured.


  8. ...So, to answer your question, that's all I know about her, and that's if it's true. Like I said, I'm very open. Why they aren't is probably a matter of career, some of which I understand, much of which I don't recognize as legitimate and find has a weird sense of entitlement I cannot relate to at all...

    When I blow these things by Larisa in emails...nothing, silence. You tell me, but none of that instills trust. That's not to go running off the rails into Alex Jones land--not even close--but it stinks of asshole behavior at minimum, and I'm tired of fights with the Invisible Man. At some point, I'm going to spray talcum powder in the room, trace the footprints, and clobber someone's ass figuratively.

    In truth, Bill Bastone is the dark side of this kind of shit, he's the real bad guy, this other shit is incidental, but part of the narrative and history.

    If there's one thing I will not tolerate from people,, it's dishonesty and betrayal, I never forget and don't forgive until it's made right in some manner. I don't think about it outside of the book as an experience, the case itself, often at all. But when I do, rest assured the anger comes up.

    When Jeane died, Rawlings emailed me, "Don't publish my name." Thanks, I needed that suggestion after you disrespected me over and over without anything to back it up,, meaning intellect, literacy, you name it, just a commonly exaggerated egotism you see in corporate A'murka, another asshole who feels owed and isn't. I got some of the same shit from author Bill Keisling too--an incredibly sad disappointment, I would never pick up one of his books after his similarly-tinged arrogance and behavior, another asshole.

    But, he gave me a lot of good tips and information--all to leverage Montgomery Blair Sibley, possibly to pressure him into hiring him to ghostwrite his book. I don't believe that occurred, but if you look on the front cover of Why Just Her, you can see Keisling behind Jeane and Blair.