Sunday, February 07, 2010

What is love?

What is love? What is this feeling, this sensation, this tide?
Love is that indefinable thing, that irresistible force that binds us all.
Love is the most beautiful feeling in this life, and the most painful.
Love upends the world, and makes life possible.
But what is love? What is this indefinable thing?


  1. Maybe love is God.

    When examining beliefs, I've often paralleled the idea of proving the existence of God or the paranormal to the concept of the feeling of love.

    Love is a socially acceptable ghost, in a way. How can you prove the existence of love? Unlike belief in God, no one seems to doubt that the feeling of love exists. Yet, you can't really prove that it does. We believe in it.

    Sure, one can examine the chemical reactions in the brain, and what happens biologically when one experiences the sensation of love. One can prove the psychological factors involved in why someone might "fall in love" with a particular kind of person. The physical environment can even be studied in relation to love. But can you PROVE the feeling? Can you prove that it exists? How would we define the feeling?

    What are the many ways to prove love? This doesn’t mean proving to someone else that you love them, but proving the feeling. Proving that the feelings exists.

    What happens when you feel love? What do you do? What happens around you? Are there any ways of documenting it? Can you take a picture of it?

    We are all very arrogant about tearing down each others’ ghosts--criticizing the beliefs of one another. Why do so many people doubt religion and the paranormal and yet not the existence of love? There is no evidence that it exists, but yet we don’t doubt the feeling of love. Maybe it is due to a very orthodox form of mass hypnosis, known as "education". The concept has been ingrained in us and we accept it and believe in it. IT‘S A SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE GHOST. Our parents all talked about it and we were told that “love” is what put us here. Our parents “loved” each other and made us. God “loves” us and made us in his image. Our society talks about it all the time and no one finds it unusual, but yet ESP and spirits are “weird” and not normal. Maybe we do not REALLY know what love IS. We obviously haven’t mastered it yet, otherwise there would be no war... no killing, no greed and hate. We humans are not always very loving beings, are we? Perhaps we should focus on learning how to truly LOVE... and then maybe everything else will fall into place. Let's start with ourselves. Then maybe we'll find God.

  2. That's so true Miss cloveR, and you remind me of the wisdom of women, the missing part of the equation we need so badly in these times. Women are the future.

    You are such an wonderful mind! And so Italian in the best sense, so smart, so deep!! Wonderful comment, just the kind of dialog I was hoping for.

    Love is a phantasm that rules the world.

  3. Matt and Nicole...both are beautiful insights. Nicole, I agree with is God. My friend and I (Both divorced...her's in the last year) were just discussing that same exact idea last would explain a lot. Love is better when it is shared from within...and when we are Faithful, We have that feeling of wholeness without a spouse...God is in our hearts.

    Is it possible Love from children and the elderly is purest because we become closer to God in birth and death? And animals? they too see the paranormal...and live shorter lives.

    Our conclusion was ...the reason why no relationship is perfect, is because we rely on them to make us feel whole...yet that feeling can easily be taken away. The only way to have Perfect Love is to have love of Life, Love of God, Love of ourselves...When we achieve that, the only relationship challenge is finding someone who flows with your lifestyle =)...I wish you both many blessings of Love!

  4. You ladies are just so wonderful and insightful, so wise, yet so young. I'm honored.