Sunday, February 07, 2010

The lay of the land...

--From a source. Thanks source! ;0) I'm not sure about the veracity of the Iranian information and make no claims to the veracity of the rest, but this seems about right.

EXP: "Multiple" x KIA/// +200 WIA (Kleen Enerby Facilty)
Blast shockwave: +/- 10 Miles///Blast soundwave: +/- 20 Miles

Israel informed US, EU & UN of Syria transfer to Hezbollah in Lebanon of Iranian Fateh110 SRBMs (short-range ballistic missiles) (variant of Russian SS-1 and Chinese DF11) and of right to strike Syria if Hezbollah fires SRBMs

Iran informed UN, IAEA & EU of increased number of missile & uranium enrichment facilities

02 FEB 2010 "Khavoshagar test number 3" (ICBM development)
Missile - Safir2 (Shehab IRBM)
Satellite - Omid (MIRV warhead development) (space orbit - 245.5 km perigee and 381.2 km apogee)

United Nations
Secretary General Moon (South Korea - Troops: Iraq & Afghan)

International Atomic Energy Agency Director General Amano (Japan - Troops: Iraq & Afghan)
NATO Secretary General Rasmussen (Denmark - Troops: Iraq & Afghan)

Amnesty International
General Secretary Shetty (India - largest labour at U.S. base's: Iraq & Afghan)

SRBM: <>
MRBM: <>
IRBM: <>
ICBM: > 6,000km intercontinental-range (> 3,000 miles)
SLBM: submarine-launched ballistic missile

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