Thursday, November 15, 2007

Well duh II: What Happened Between Bigheaddc and Radar?

The worthless mainstream media/
Washington D.C.
--Right, Sam Donaldson IS in the phone records of Deborah Jeane Palfrey's defunct Pamela Martin & Associates, but it isn't significant. Have you ever dialed the wrong-number before? Sam's relatives did, since one of Palfrey's numbers was one-digit off from Donaldson's, so she kept getting calls from them, and over-and-over again.

Cue Radar magazine's site editor John Cook and an overzealous Rob Capriccioso of who thought they had a major scoop that required virtually no investment and could bring in those advertising dollars.

A source close to the story has confirmed that there was no story to begin with. But they went and ran it anyway, and have now turned on each other claiming different stories. Readers should note that they both appear to be contending that Palfrey is lying, which is pretty low of them considering she's a defendant. That's how it goes in this story--guilty until proven innocent, a curiously un-American contention that runs-through the affair labeled "Hookergate" by the mainstream press. This comment was posted by this writer at's page for the article "Donaldson's Digits: Wrong Number" at 1:50PM today, though I doubt it's getting put up, it is unedited:

Right, pretty vague information in those missives posted by Mr. Cook and Capriccioso. Here's what I have good reason to believe transpired, and from a source directly involved in the whole mess:Because of the salacious side of Ms. Palfrey's legal predicament, there is a class of journalists and bloggers who tend to fixate on the "prostitution" aspects, rather than the real story--the political side.

But no, instead we have the usual laziness of trying to find the "big names," when that's not the real story at all. What's the real story? We don't know all of it yet, but outlines are beginning to appear. But that means work, real investigative work, not an easy fix like a Sam Donaldson. What of the others in the records of Ms. Palfrey's former escort service?

The best example is one I and an anonymous commenter (I believe at Firedoglake) discovered in the phone records of Pamela Martin & Associates back in July (yes, July!): one Ronald Roughead (703-836-0522, Cingular 2005) who is probably still employed by SAIC, one of the most successful contractors to the defense and intelligence communities, and who even have some tangential connections to the Randy 'Duke' Cunningham scandal. This connection come from associates of Cunningham's co-conspirator, Brent Wilkes.

It should be noted here that former House Speaker Dennis Hastert was mentioned in the trial of Wilkes in recent weeks by Wilkes' nephew. Also, it should be noted that Mr. Roughead is brother to Rear Admiral Gary Roughead, current Bush appointed CNO of the entire Naval Fleets of the US! But, according to the LA Times, Gannett, USA Today, and sundry other outlets, this isn't newsworthy. Ask yourselves why Ronald Roughead is in the records.
I have posted information about Mr., Roughead on Bigheaddc's comments section (of which I am now unable to access), and there has been no follow-up on it as far as I can tell. No, instead, we get Sam Donaldson and other such items of gossip--presumably to elicit more hits and more advertising dollars to Radar and Bigheaddc, the whole point of the rush to run the Donaldson pseudo-story.

Again, what happened between Radar and Bighead? They wanted the SMUT, but Ms. Palfrey wasn't going to confirm it to Mr. Capriccioso, so he went and submitted the story anyway. But there was a problem of confirmation: Deborah Jeane Palfrey. She's not going to confirm it because there was never a story to begin with. Her assertions are true, while those of Radar and Bighead are not. They wanted a story that was an easy fix, didn't get it, and went and ran it anyway. Now they have to do the clean-up.

The real job is find those culprits like Ret. Colonel Ronald Roughead (the people who expedite the atrocities of our day in the safety of the shadows), the real players with the security clearances who have called Ms. Palfrey's service (or vice versa).

A great face-saving gesture on-the-part of Mr. Cook and Mr. Capriccioso would be to get-up and drive to 1200 First Street, Alexandria, Virginia where Mr. Roughead lives and confront him. You might want to break the news to his wife, however. Did he phone escort services in Iraq when he ran the IMN (Iraq Media Network)? Roughead is likely a propaganda chief, so maybe that explains some of the bumbling on the internet...