Sunday, November 25, 2007

It's Time to Remove House Speaker Pelosi (and Joe Donnelly)

A recent commenter has been talking this option up, and so has Cindy Sheehan for several months. Do a search, I believe she's still going to run against Pelosi in the coming elections of 2008. Believe me, if I lived in her district, she would be gone. However, I'm voting against my so called representative Joe Donnelly who has made the same ludicrous assertions against impeachment as the Speaker. This is unacceptable, and since he's not showing any sign of budging, he's lost my vote forever. I enjoin all residents of Michiana who have found this site to help in removing Representative Donnelly from office next year.

No, I'm not suggesting replacing him with something worse, like a Republican. I'm suggesting some real candidates come forward. You veterans, you solid pillars of our community who have thought about it for years--we need you now, our nation needs you now. The only solution is to remove these clowns from office. They've been given every-single-chance since January of this year, and they have not only failed the American people, they have betrayed us all in every respect. The American people have spoken on the war, and on impeachment of the vice president and the president. We want them out. Let's roll.

A good start: