Monday, November 26, 2007

'ELIZABETH! THIS IS THE BIG ONE!': Cheney Resigning?

Dick Cheney's Secret Bunker Complex/Washington D.C.--'Wolf! Wolf!' screamed the vice president. But everyone in the nation knew in their heart-of-hearts that it didn't even matter if the imbecile was telling the truth or not. He'd lied almost every waking moment of his pathetic dry-drunk life, being perhaps one of the most burdensome human beings since Hitler or Stalin, or maybe even Mao. It's hard to think of a better argument for abortion than people like Dick Cheney. If babies grow-up to be monsters like Dick Cheney, why reproduce at all? Pity? He deserved none. Wrath? He'd earned everyone's share, it being a good kick square up his half-decayed ass. Honor? He never knew the meaning of the word, so 'go fuck yourself.' Indeed, go fuck yourself, asshole.

No, the rewards of being Darth Vader (TM, Lucasfilm) are meager. What's true is that the vice president/president knows that we--the natives--are restless and that somewhere, someplace, there's a chink in the armor coming soon. Not even the corrupt American Congress can save him much longer, there being over a year left in his and dumbo's term. Maybe not all of us know it yet, but it's there, waiting to be hit over-and-over-and-over again with malicious force. It's not unlikely that I've found some of it and published it ad infinitum on this very site (thanks Mr. Corn). Our first cybernetic president is finished, he's done, now turn him over so he browns more evenly. Just wait, his lordship is going to state that he's going to be 'leaving office soon, for health-related reasons.' Whatever works, don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out. By-the-way: we're still coming after you even when you aren't in office, subpoenas in-hand.

Congress can pass all the retroactive immunity statutes they want, and they'll need to pass a gaggle of them--and by doing so, they'll be removing any respect for their system of law-and-order. Be careful what you wish for, especially when there really isn't any way out. That's when things really get ugly. Remember the last time President Cheney decided he might be resigning? It was in those dark days of 2004 and late-2005 when we belatedly learned of the warrantless wiretapping of American citizens and the acting president's (Cheney) role in the outing of CIA operative Valerie Plame. That's treason, a high crime among many committed by the dumb squad at the WHite House who got their understanding of law from Jack Webb's 'Dragnet,' perhaps the worst show in television history (though good as a drinking game, so it was ON). As we all know, The New York Times sat on the wiretapping story for a year so the GOP could have enough of a margin to steal the elections again by not allowing Blacks and veterans to vote (again). Support this, pig-shit. But the VP/P knew otherwise, and he wouldn't take kindly to no horsin'-off on his watch unless it was his own...

Just wait, he's going to let the rumors fly that he's leaving office. It's coming. Realistically, he can't threaten to quit when only a margin of mental incompetents still want him in there. He's hiding in his bunker at an undisclosed location (Nebraska, underneath a farm coop). Eventually, he has to go for the sympathy-fuck, the grab-ass for pity that the foolish sometimes stupidly feel for people like Hitler or Stalin, Pinochet, Pol Pot, Suharto, Ferdinand Marcos, and all the puppet dictators America's power structure has supported openly. They express it when these scum begin to reach the point of their fall, the end. You know,
it's that kind of wrongheaded pity for human monsters which only a sucker or a moronic asshole would express openly, things that people do when they've sucked on too-many joints, crack-pipes, bottles, or a priest's, boss's, or politician's member (and in every sense). Damn the schmuck who has an excuse for everyone. Feeling sorry for a self-destructing scoundrel is the true mark of a fool. Now is a time of every level of human society.