Thursday, November 01, 2007

An Open Letter to President George W. Bush on 'War'

Dear Mr. President:

We aren't in a war, we're embroiled in the illegal occupation of another nation, but you know this. You knew it before we invaded Afghanistan and Iraq because it was premeditated aggression, an obvious violation of international law. But forget that for a moment and answer me this:
where's the sacrifice on-the-part of all Americans as there was during WWII? Where's the draft? Where's the common contribution and sacrifice? You posit that we can be attacked at any moment, in almost any location in these continental United States--frankly, you sound like one-of-two things: a coward, or a demagogue. You can pick which one, but it appears that the majority of the public have chosen both already.

Also: where's the fiscal responsibility in all of this? So-called 'conservatives' aren't going to vote for anyone you endorse (Fred Thompson's really your man, as we all know, a balding Shibboleth who was called 'dumb by Richard Nixon). Nixon knew 'dumb' when he saw it. He had Fred Thompson, E. Howard Hunt, and G. Gordon Liddy to babysit. Let's face it, if there was an Antichrist, he would be just like you. He wouldn't be clever, he wouldn't be wise, and he wouldn't have a constructive plan for the future of America, let alone the fate of mankind. What's terrifying is that you hold that fate in your hands, just as he would (does). No, the Antichrist (one who is not 'christened', incidentally), would be just like
you. For an Antichrist to be destructive, they would have to be incompetent, ignorant, arrogant, lying, lustful of short-term power--they have to embody the term 'lack.' Welcome to lack.

He'd appeal to all kinds of catch-phrases that appeal to the 'converted' bigots who voted for you, but in their hearts they knew you were kissing the darkness, and they wanted their smooch too. You, George W. Bush, are an Antichrist, an abomination not only of nature, but an afterbirth of the abyss, the aborted bastard child of a Demiurge. You are that walking-lie that Jesus and all the great spiritual thinkers warned us about for the last three Millennia: you are walking, shambling death in human form, come to take us away into that Stygian abyss. We've done little to stop you either. Well, most of us...

Your trumpeting of how 'God speaks to me' had died down too, hasn't it? I wonder why...well, no, actually I don't. It was all a ruse for desperate, gullible people who wanted to hear you say it. Jesus warned of people like you--that's what an 'Antichrist' is, a false prophet bent on conquest of humanity. An ape, basically. The Bible said, 'there will be wars, and rumors of wars.' This was part of a warning that war (or violence, it's semantics) had to end or the human race would eventually
die-out. The Romans--knowing the essentially nonviolent Jesus movement could mean an end to their temporal power--co-opted Christianity just as you have. All you're doing is continuing a horrible tradition of misrepresenting what Jesus taught, and it was good. From the Emperor Constantine-on, the message has been polluted by evil men who lust for power, men just like you. But we all share a piece of this, and not stopping you is our cross to bear.

Before Jesus was taken into the custody of the Romans, one of the disciples began attempting a rescue of him with a weapon. Jesus stopped his hand and said, 'He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword.' There is no room for interpretation here, the message is solid and unambiguous. Yet, you, President Bush, having claimed you were 'born again' have created what could be the most worthless and avoidable conflict in human history, besides WWI. The question now remains: will this illegal occupation result in the end of human civilization and life on earth as we know it? You won't have to worry about a 'legacy,' because there won't be one. There won't be anyone left to care if we stay in the Middle East long enough. Some wonder why you won't listen, but it's very simple really. The reason you won't listen to anyone on all of this is the same reason you cannot convince a lion to drop its prey from its jaws--you are the impassive, uncaring dead-eye of nature, yes, nature. Your cohorts are no different.

Somehow, I don't think you care, being the nihilistic dry-drunk (?) loser that you are. Jesus didn't die for you, he warned us of your coming, and of the coming of all the other Antichrists: all the Roman Emperors, all the wicked Popes, all the false prophets and lying preachers, all the pedophile priests, Hitler, Stalin, Napoleon, all the Kings, all the executioners, all the dirty cops, and all the other scum like you who have thrown us on the mad road to oblivion that all you fatalistic madmen are hell-bent on achieving. You are death, clothed in human form, and you are obsolete. God is alive, and he's watching you through the eyes of humanity, because divinity is either within...or not. Impeachment won't work, we need an exorcist, a real one. Violence is never the answer, and it's creating more problems for the babies who will inherit this world after we're all gone.

Matt Janovic