Monday, June 04, 2007


SINGAPORE--Oh, come on. They're boobs. $9,800 USD isn't as bad as fines here, but why does this happen at all in the world? Breasts are just a part of life, they're there to attract mates and to feed babies. They're GOOD. Missiles? BAD. And by-God, gay men are fascinated by them too, even lesbians. They make a woman aesthetically-pleasing, regardless of their size or shape. I honestly don't know much about Singapore, but most countries have cultures that have grown-out of traditional cultures that react this way.

It's human anthropology to have sexual-repression in almost any society, but isn't it just getting to be a dumbshow? Does anyone really think children should be exposed to hardcore pornography or sex-talk? Well, maybe Republican congressman, but enough about them.

Regulators said the radio show hosts made sexually suggestive remarks about "how fast the bras were removed, as well as the color, design and cup size of the bras, and the size of the girls' breasts."The government statement said such a contest has a negative influence on young, impressionable listeners and suggested that DJs show more restraint. (AP, 06.04.2007)

From this, we've learned that Singapore's censors are titillated (pun-intended) by how fast a woman can take a bra off, as well as the size of their breasts. Freud was correct when he stated that "civilization is repression," but can't we have just a little fun?

It was Lenny Bruce who hipped me to how stupid people's reactions to naked-breasts are--I mean, what's more wholesome than a woman's breast? It gives life its zing!, and babies need them to in their first-months of life. They're comforting, a part of intimacy between human beings, and they make women special and interesting. It's also fun to play "puppets" with them when they're in a bra. They differentiate men and women--unless you count Dennis Hastert and Karl Rove. Lenny said it best:

“Why don’t religious institutions use their influence to relieve human suffering instead of sponsoring such things as the Legion of Decency, which dares to say it’s indecent that men should watch some heavy-titted Italian starlet because to them breasts are dirty?Beautiful, sweet, tender, womanly breasts that I love to kiss; pink nipples that I love to feel against my clean-shaven face. They’re clean!” (from "How to Talk Dirty and Influcence People," 1965.)

Amen! There's nothing cleaner than breasts. Eventually--right before we all die--it'll probably be OK, when it doesn't matter. That's how people are, we love wasting-time and missing the flowers over nothing-at-all. I know most people feel this way, just not publicly, and that's OK. But women who are nursing their children shouldn't be treated like lepers either.

While the Pentagon blows beautiful Iraqi men, women, and children into a protein-mush, we have morons getting worried about exposed-breasts and someone having the temerity to talk-about it. While tens-of-millions of people rot in poverty, we have wrongheaded do-gooders covering-up tits. We are absurdity-made-flesh. We're all brutes, a species of assassins...or are we? Maybe we just need more boobs in our face. Nothing against Singapore!