Wednesday, June 20, 2007


wArSHINtuHn--Why didn't someone in the White House press corps ask Tony Snow if he thought the president's veto was signing his own death warrant? He looks terrible, and one could assume he's barely beating his cancer--that the remission is only temporary. I've lost two loved-ones to cancer, I know these things. Couldn't stem cell research be applied to certain forms of cancer? Tony won't ever live to see that, so I guess he's decided on the brown-lipstick to the well as the so-called "journalists" that were in-attendance today.

Nobody looks good with brown-lipstick. What incredible stupidity, what gall, to preserve what one has left of a base in a presidency that is--for-all-intents--dead. But death is all this administration has been about. Pathetic is the only word for George W. Bush and virtually all of the people he's appointed (except Patrick Fitzgerald & David Iglesias, it seems). This will easily be seen as the most criminal administration in American history. Forget the Teapot Dome scandal, this is David O. Selznick or Cecil B. Demille in its epic quality (and vulgarity and gaudiness). Insane.