Saturday, June 30, 2007


'merica--As part of their deal, Lion's Gate handles the actual distribution of Moore's new documentary, with the Weinstein Company handling promotions. That's great, but someone at both companies decided to hedge-their-bets in case the feds seized the prints and we're only (not) seeing the film on a paltry 400 screens. If you go to Michael Moore's site, it claims the documentary is "everywhere." Well, it isn't, it's in 400 American theaters/screens. I e-mailed Kerasotes theaters chain and got the beef. It all reminded me of when Terry Gilliam's "Brazil" got similar distribution (saw it twice & got a press kit, suckers)--with no wider release as a follow-up. Anyway, the folks at Kerasotes have told J-7 "Sicko" should be in wide release next Friday.