Monday, June 04, 2007


Washington D.C.--I love this woman. She won't give-up, she's not going to take it. They paid, they used her services, and now they think they can just walk-away from it all. Our prostitution laws are absurd and hypocritical, and need to end. I believe Ms. Palfrey could be the woman to do this. She's a little-lady, too, the kind that bite. You gotta love that. She's currently fighting the gag order of US District Judge Gladys Kessler, a woman we can assume never had to do things she regretted to survive--or did she?

Where's the fix here Judge Kessler? Who told you to stop the revelation of who's on those phone records? What was the payoff? A kingdom in hell? You already got that one. The "johns" should be able to just walk-away anymore, it's time to end that game. It's misogynist and destructive to our society to keep arresting these women for trying to survive in a society that offers them few-options and lousy paying jobs. Legalize prostitution, like the rest of the developed world is. No? Then things can keep collapsing here, and it will happen anyway. I'm hoping the EU liberates us, I'd collaborate.