Friday, June 22, 2007


Indiana's 2nd Congressional District/South Bend/Michiana--Joe, you're beginning to disappoint me, and so are the rest of the now not-so-new Democratic majority. Sure, you have greats like Dennis Kucinich, Patrick Leahy...not so many greats in the House, it seems. It was great that you voted to raise the minimum-wage, but why stop at $7.25 hr. ? You cannot live on that wage, it's criminal. Also, you seem confused over whether we should leave Iraq or not, and some of what you say reminds me of Hillary Clinton and Joe Lieberman--you just oppose the execution of the war, not the fact that it was patently illegal on any basis, equivalent to the German invasion of Poland on September 1, 1939.

Anyway, I shook your hand last year at the Cinco de Mayo fair (not so great this year, sadly), and hoped you would truly try to end this administration's death-grip on this country, but you appear afraid to. My question is: why? You are ensuring that you will lose in 2008, and you are ignoring the mandate of the American people--and most importantly--we, your direct constituents. Yes, we're happy about a number of bills you've supported, but you're completely wrong about impeaching Vice President Richard Cheney. You wrote me back in-reply to :

As Americans, we rightfully hold our government officials to high standards, and we deserve nothing less than dedicated and honorable public servants who put the best interests of the American people first. That is why I-like millions of Americans-was deeply concerned to learn that key pre-war intelligence used to justify our invasion of Iraq was inaccurate and not properly substantiated. Some believe that such questionable actions and other mistakes by the Bush Administration warrant the impeachment of Vice President Cheney or other government officials.

In response, Congressman Dennis Kucinich of Ohio introduced H.Res. 333. If passed by the House of Representatives, this bill would begin impeachment proceedings against the vice president. H.Res. 333 is currently pending before the House Committee on the Judiciary.

While I share your concern that these mistakes have damaged the credibility of the current administration at home as well as the standing of the United States abroad, I believe impeaching the vice president would not be in the best interest of our country. Impeachment proceedings would divide Americans at a time when cooperation is crucial to solving our most pressing problems. However, as your representative, I will work to ensure that Congress performs its constitutional duty as a check on the executive branch, including investigating any alleged illegal activities by the federal government and its officials.

Hey Joe: we're not divided on the war, and we want to see real investigations. You're talking in a loop, and you're insulting my/our intelligence. Perhaps you want to help sink the Bush administration via criminal-proceedings, and I can understand any reluctance to just say it. The problem is, the longer the Bush administration remains-in-office, the more imperiled all of us are.

Are you baiting-and-switching for them, buying them time? You give the appearance that you want to keep the vice president in office. Why is that? Do you support an invasion of, or attacks on Iran? I don't know about you Joe, I really don't. Your positions on illegal immigration and punishing businesses who employ them illegally (thus blackmailing them into slave-wages, and undermining the bargaining-rights of American workers. Many factories in Elkhart employ such practices).

Why do you desire our scorn? At least Chocola made it to two-terms, but you're looking like someone destined for one. Look at the popularity of Congress and the president, Joe--approval ratings are in the twenties for both, which suggests that the public is lumping you with the Bush administration and a corrupt GOP. You aren't doing your job in nearly a timely enough manner, and you had better start changing now.

Yours-in-Christ, Matt Janovic

P.S.: You should know that Cinco de Mayo celebrates the famous battle between the French and a traitorous Mexican military force of 8,000 at Puebla, Mexico on May 5th, 1862. The Spanish and the English were involved as well, supplying troops. Our own General Philip Sheridan supplied rebel forces with ammunition and the weapons they needed. American soliders were even allowed to join the newly-reformed Mexican army to aid in Mexican independence against imperialist forces. Why do you support our own horrible acts of imperialism, Joe?