Sunday, March 25, 2012

"Dear asshole..." (Harassment over DC Madam articles/book)

Ed.--I've gotten some harassing comments on here over the last couple of weeks over the book and articles on this blog that are related to the DC Madam case. Apparently, I'm doing something right (or write) here. This was attempted four years ago in the same manner: a fake attempt to give the impression of a "cease and desist" notice, which cannot be done in any binding sense by posting it as a comment. In fact, you cannot currently serve someone in any way that's binding this way. It will not be acknowledged by a court of law in the United States.

Unless you also serve someone with hard copy papers in person, or through the mail, it's not going to stick, yo, so step off, bitch. This all has to be done through the legal system. Sending fake threatening comments doesn't do this, it's acting outside of it to affect the same results without revealing one's identity. This tells me they do know a little about the law, at least, maybe more than they're letting on. None of this has occurred here--there has been no serving--and that's why none of this is worth an ounce of sweat. This is one more laughable, pathetic attempt to get someone to take down information about someone else by taking down the entire blog, and that wouldn't hold up in court either, all a sorry bluff. You have to specify what lines, what statements, in an article, essay, book, etc., were libelous or slanderous, and establishing that either occurred is very difficult in American jurisprudence. I know this because I've taken paralegal courses, but really, any drooling asshole should know this. I can assure you that even repeat offenders do.

Here's what the goober wrote first, and granted that they might be from Texas since they can't spell of do addition:

 I look forward to fourth coming litigation, marathon deposition sessions of every blogger that had made a post regarding Jack Burkman and the loves of his life! Win,Lose it doesn't matter! Its going to be very expensive for all parties involved! Or, you can shut this site down as soon as possible!

Dennis G. Brewer Sr. And Associates, P.C.
Tuesday, March 13, 2012 12:27:00 AM EDT 

Whoever they are, they got pissed and created a fake Google profile shortly after reading something on this blog, the wimp. This is so I don't who they are related to the case, or simply to avoid me suing their asses off for criminal harassment, which I would, and will, if I discover their sorry identity. "Forthcoming" is one word, stupid.

"I look forward to"--look forward to kissing my ass, fuck you very much. You're this law firm in Irving, Texas? Bullshit you are. Either way, you've made a serious error if I discover who you are, so keep your pointed head down. Also, you write like a spastic dork. Like? Asshole went on FOUR days later: "Matt Janovic: you fucking coward! I gave you a week to pull this site down. You are going to wish you took me seriously! Hope you have money to burn!" Right, use someone's identity, then a fake one that hides your actual identity, good move there, not obvious at all. Idiot. Clown.

I responded on March 22nd (multiple ones, I've bunched them):
Hey Dennis, where have you been, asshole? This shit has been up for over two years, shithead. You have to SERVE ME, asshole, email AND snail mail, US Post. A little law school 101, fucker. Who are you, really? This has been up for years. This is all alleged, and I have a RIGHT under the First Amendment to my opinions, asshole. ... "Dhar," who's the coward? Tell me and everyone your REAL FUCKING NAME, ASSHOLE. YOU are the coward. Blow me, fuckface.
They tried to make it seem like they wanted something specific taken down by mentioning Burkman. Could it be Mark Capansky? Possibly, maybe.

Finally, I had to kick them in their hollow head one last time, yesterday:
PS to the tard: Not only can't you spell ("fourth") you're unable to do simple mathematics: "I gave you a week to pull this site down." You posted your first harassing comment on March 13th, then followed up with the one that contained the above quote on the 17th--four days, asshole.

Are you even a real person or a Defense Dept. AI bot? Either way, you're a lying idiot and a fool to think that an anonymous threat (harassment) is going to make me pull anything, fuck you very much. … If you serve me, I GET TO KNOW WHO YOU ARE. Threats coming from the shadows are admissible in court unless it's me suing your ass off for harassment.

Ever heard of "prior restraint"? I have ever right to publish my book and to keep these posts up because they're my opinions, asshole.

Cowards throw around fake threats from the shadows, I post my real name at all times online with a few exceptions. Guess what? There's nothing you can do about any of this. In my opinion, most of these women who have contacted me are TELLING THE TRUTH.

"Dahr"(the sound retards make when they do the chicken-wing motion) has grown silent after all of this. I'd hide my identity too if I made as much of an ass of myself as they have. 

What I believe is at play here is that someone wants to remove primary materials I've posted on the case--this includes anything about Mr. Burkman--maybe to be able to say down the road, maybe even in court, "these materials in the book have never been published," when the emails, comments, and everything else related to the DC Madam case have been online for years without any real complaints coming from anyone identifying themselves through the legal system--not that anyone would be able to under the law, this speech is protected, I can and have successfully published, finito. None of it violates anyone's rights, nor any agreements. That aside, Palfrey is dead, estate aside. That part of the narrative is closed. Who's next? Bring it on, bitch.

Postscript, 3-27-2012: You have to love my typos in the original responses. The good side is that you can at least tell I can spell the words properly. "Fourth coming." Sam Eardth II? Is English their first language? Man,  I sure hope so for their--our--sake (not rice wine). I rest my case, your honor...

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