Friday, May 01, 2009

Mainstream Media: "Swine flu less dangerous than hoped"

MSM--It was true, the story was tanking. But then, so were all of America's once great newspapers, they were falling like flies. Polls showed that roughly 30% of America's population likes to panic for the hell of it--we know this--while another unknown percentage could be typed in the "Shelly Winters" bracket--they have to be slapped back into reason, thanking us for it later.

Then there's Ted Nugent and Chuck Norris, two men totally immune to any appeals to reason.

Swine flu is going to amount to nothing. The CDC and the Obama administration have been correct in not taking too many chances and trying to be ready. Vice President Joe Biden's comments about enclosed spaces was stupid.

The DHS is still irrelevant and burdensome, so it's not going away anytime soon. Neither are people who will panic at the drop of a hat. Some people get off on freaking out, running around yelling, "OH SHIT!!" The rest of us do not. Please try to listen to the rest of us some time.

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