Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sen. David Vitter throws a fit at Dulles National Airport, flees

Washington D.C.--This guy just cannot control himself. Rollcall and Rawstory are reporting that Louisiana's Republican Senator David Vitter caused an incident last Thursday at Dulles National Airport upon missing his flight from the nation's capital back home to New Orleans, presumably for some tail (not his wife) and the "necessary" obstruction of federal assistance to the beleaguered state. Ir's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it.

Vitter went into the
gate after it was closed to boarding, which anyone who's flown since 9/11 knows is a big no-no. It's restricted.

"So what?" thought the junior senator, "My party has milked 9/11 for all the political capital we could, and I can do whatever I want." And he did...thereby setting off an alarm. A United Airlines employee chided him for doing this, because it was his job to do so. The senator was not amused, and began yelling very loudly at the airline employee for his own mistakes and lack of impulse control. It was one of those days--every day, it seems--in the life of Senator David Vitter.

Like Larry Craig--the other GOP senator still in the doghouse--he invoked the usual, "I'm a senator, who are YOU?!" routine so popular among the little people of the world. Things became so heated that the United Airlines employee felt compelled to find a security guard. After that, the senator realized the error of his ways, and turned tail like a yellow-belly and ran. That'll learn ya.' What's the deal with this guy?

And he's been up to a lot of other nastiness, mainly in his unfortunate tenure in the Senate of the United States:

But Vitter wasn't about to be forced into submission by a prostitution scandal. In the 20 months since his disgrace, he has doubled his efforts to tie down the Democratic-led Senate, most recently with yesterday's attempt to force his colleagues to vote to give themselves a pay raise.

It was a clever maneuver. In a time of want, Vitter put his colleagues in the unenviable position of voting to keep the 20-year tradition of automatic cost-of-living increases. "The autopilot pay raise really is offensive to the American people!" he proclaimed with populist indignation. ...

It was a win-win-win situation. Democrats got their spending bill. Lawmakers got to keep their automatic pay increases. And Vitter got something other than prostitutes to discuss with the voters back home. ("A Pay-With-Pay Scheme," The Washington Post, 03.11.2009)
This has been typical of the entirety of his unfortunate political career, going back to his time in the Louisiana State Senate. You'd think Huey Long was alive and well. Yet, we're told, Senator Vitter is "leading the charge"--in a party without any leadership--"against earmarks," when his own state really actually leads the way in unnecessary "pet" projects. His own most recent defeat came in his feeble attempts at stopping the passage of the $410 billion federal budget for the running expenses.

What Vitter's really up to now is just more Republican obstructionism and phony populist posturing over necessary spending to continue the legitimate operations of the federal government in a time of incredible economic crisis, a crisis that the GOP owns, and handily. In short, he's one of their disposable waterboys whom they can dangle out there in the wind to see if there are any strikes or bites, and he gets to avoid the dead prostitute in the room for a little while. That he seems like a pursued man is a testament to his ongoing misbehavior and the fact that he's conscious of it and its effects on himself and others, but keeps doing the same things anyway.

That's a very big set of problems to have, and an impressive feat of wilfull degeneration and dissipation that would shock the most dedicated epicurean. Why wouldn't a rich boy from Louisiana want to end automatic pay raises for members of Congress? It just insures that only the wealthy will be able to be our representatives, since an honest man isn't going to be able to even begin to afford living in Washington D.C. as playboy aristocrats like Vitter can. Sen. Russell Feingold co-sponsored the bill, to his shame. He needs to rethink his position next time.

Here's to Vitter's defeat in the 2010 elections, and the rest of the senate GOP up for reelection. It's time to clean some house. That dead madam isn't going away, and neither is Paula Neble. With clowns like David, baby, he was born to run. Demagogues like Sen. Vitter are a dark reflection of the hollow men and women who put him into office, inflicting him (and themselves) upon the rest of us. The time to shut them all down passed a long time ago, and their inevitable downfall will be belated.

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