Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sen. David Vitter one of four GOP Senators blocking auto bailout

Washington D.C.
--It's official. Louisiana Senator David Vitter is filibustering passage of the legislation authorizing the loans--not a bailout--to the big three auto manufacturers along with Sens. Richard Shelby, pone'-fed Mitch McConnell, and Jim Demint. What a guy. You think he drives a foreign car when he's out hunting for prostitutes?

Again, if they're all willing to take full-responsibility for what happens after the collapse of the auto industry, then by all means keep obstructing. A Black President was a good run-up for the collapse of the Republicans as a national party. Keep doing what you do best and don't go changin'.

Question: why didn't the GOP throw-in Larry Craig? He's an equally worthless pariah.

Whatever, you all have a date with repeating 1929-32, meaning exacerbating an economic calamity that you created into an unprecedented Great Depression by neglect, indifference and inaction. Attempting to block the unions isn't going to work anymore either.

The Republic Windows and Doors workers have won their sit-in strike, and more strikes are coming, more than you ever imagined possible. Welcome the return of history and the death of Reaganomics, if not capitalism itself.