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Conspiracy nut Alex Constantine writes about...little old me!

WWW--If the exposures of COINTELPRO, CABLE SPLICER, CIA assassinations, FBI break-ins (all covered by the Church committee in the 1970s), and the mid-December 2005 revelations of the NSA's warrantless surveillance of millions of Americans doesn't convince you that conspiracy theorists are redundant, then nothing will. We know things are a mess and that our liberties are in jeopardy, we know already.

Conspiracy guru Alex Constantine has join the ranks of the illustrious with the Libertarian "Reason" magazine (paradoxical name) in writing, again. You see, several weeks ago I got tired of reading all these baseless comments by a bunch of nimrods who have no connection to the Palfrey story whatsoever, and who never even spoke with her. I started doing some web surfing--something I rarely ever do--and found that some of these same bozos were still trying to sell the snake oil that Deborah Jeane Palfrey was "murdered," ostensibly by the government and/or former clients.

The problem--of course--is that it's not provable, and certainly not in a court of law. And that's the whole point to my mind: their theory plays-into-the-hands of the government's prosecutors, because I believe they're in a lot of trouble (de jure) for driving a mentally unstable woman to her death. I also believe that they first deprived the defendant of her of her right to due process by leaking information (an unsigned warrant) to Bill Bastone and the Smoking Gun, thereby creating the whole media circus in the first place.

Additionally, I believe that they and the Court knew full well that Palfrey was suicidal, or at least suspected it enough to warrant a competency hearing.

That's right--by suggesting that the government murdered Palfrey, these conspiracy nimrods let them off-the-hook for gross negligence, abuse of office and the law, and extraordinary incompetence. Alex Constantine? Alex Jones? Kurt Nimmo? Jeff Rense? Who are they? I can prove that I've never worked for the federal government--either as an employee of or as an "asset"--but can they? Can Bill Bastone or Judith Miller for that matter?

Like all good conspiracists, Constantine gives me a lot of power and it sounds like a good gig (if you can get it)!
Off the cuff, I think Janovic is attempting to silence me with bogus arguments - he also cites as unimpeachable proof of "suicide" that she had stated, "They'll never take me alive." I interpret this to mean that she would fight to the death - could be wrong because I'm not a post mortem mind reader (neither is Janovic) - or bravado, possibly, but certainly not concrete "proof" of "suicide." ... ("Researcher Matt Janovic Misrepresents DC Madam 'Suicide' (PART ONE)," Alex Constantine's Blacklist, 11.26.2008)
She did "fight to the death" in case you didn't notice, but being Alex Constantine, you probably wouldn't. [Ed., 12.15.2008--If only her final criminal defense attorney had fought a smidgen as hard as she had. He didn't, he stood down. She shouldn't have listened to him at the end. Finally, Burton was imposed on her.] And exactly how do I--a very little guy mind you--"silence" the great Alex Constantine? That's absurd. He accuses me of what he does for a living, namely making "bogus arguments," when he must know better. Since I know better and know what I experienced on my end with Palfrey, I'm saying that he's not used to being so accurately and effectively challenged.

There's no need to read the mind of anyone when it's obvious that the woman was suicidal during her legal proceedings, from an preponderance of evidence. If Constantine has any clue and has seen the materials from Palfrey's early 1990s arrest and conviction in San Diego for pimping, he would know that she expressed thoughts of suicide when she was in jail back then too, she reported it in a letter to the Court. I could go on and on. She was suicidal, and you're not going to disturb the sleep of the dead to sell merchandise, that's it.

Alex didn't get the desperate emails. Alex didn't watch someone disintegrate over the period of ten months, granted that it was from a physical distance. Alex didn't get the frantic emails of someone shifting-gears in several 180s as to how the investigation into her began. Lastly, Alex wasn't there at all, he wasn't someone Palfrey confided in at times, I was. Yeah, he's Alex Constantine, that guy who wrote the "Psychic Dictatorship" books that I never bothered to read because Oscar Wilde seemed to have something more constructive to offer. Big deal.

Look, if the Church committee's report during the 1970s doesn't give you an indication that we've been going in the wrong direction for a very long time, nothing will. The output of these conspiracy theory people is pretty questionable when they'll jump at any little scrap and making wild leaps of logic as they have now with Palfrey's death, a definite suicide.

So, blah-blah-blah, Constantine writes a two-parter that focuses on a comment I posted on his own site stating that he and the rest of them are making baseless statements and are full of it regarding Palfrey. That's because they are full of it, and they are making baseless statements for dollars. In the second part of the dopey piece he tries to undermine Dan Moldea's comments that Palfrey told him she'd kill herself if she lost the case, never mind that if you read her public comments from 2007 and 2008 it's obvious that she's periodically expressing suicidal themes, the Tarpon Springs Police Department's final report on her death--no, we're all CIA operatives, something silly like that. Who are they? Who's Constantine? Great, if you don't agree with him, you're CIA, or a liar, how logical.

The biggest problem with the "She were suicided" theory is what I've already pointed-out: Constantine's "big bad government"
-->┼░ber theory serves the interests of the prosecution under Jeffrey A. Taylor, providing a distraction and a cover for what could very well be incompetence, abuse, and negligence under the color of authority. You would have to ask him directly if this was his purpose, but it's my opinion that that's the real world effect it has.

Here's what I posted at Alex's site today, who knows if he's going to publish it. Frankly, I don't really care...

Mr. Constantine,

Like most of your ilk of parapolitical ambulance chasers ($$$), you just want to sell your merchandise. You're no different from Geraldo, George Lincoln Rockwell, Ted Nugent, Father Coughlin, Gerald L.K. Smith, or any number of demagogues in the storied history of America.

You weren't a part of her story. I was, and did my best to assist her and did general internet research for her in December of last year. This is something I can prove--can you prove any of your straw man assertions? Your "witnesses" are full of crap, incidentally.

I stand behind the February 28th email that she forwarded to just about everyone on the defense team between her and journalist Jason Leopold where she stated "the bastards aren't taking me alive." Others who interviewed her have told me directly that they thought she was acting unbalanced and expressing suicidal themes.

Thanks, you are comparable to Roy Cohn as well, I left him out there, my slip. Your evidence for a Palfrey murder barely meets the standards of the circumstantial.

Yes, I've also looked at the comments of her former condo manager (he's a crank as well), the interviews you're mentioning, but I know otherwise because I had direct contact for ten months with the deceased. She fired at least a couple of her lawyers because they knew she was suicidal. There should have been a competency hearing, and the government prosecutors are guilty of gross negligence in this area. The Court might be as well.

The problem with you Alex is that you only see what you want to see because there's money in it, period. Your readers read it because they want a simple explanation to a complicated modern world. That's shameful. If there would be one lesson learned from the current economic crisis, it's this: "they" aren't as in control of things as you would LOVE to believe because the alternatives are personal responsibility to yourselves and others. That's more complicated than "there's been a coup!" There was one long ago, grow up.

There are very real parapolitical themes to her saga, no doubt, but this contention of murder has no solid evidence whatsoever. You have nothing, nor does that crank Alex Jones, Kurt Nimmo, or the pathetic Jeff Rense who faked a death photo and put it on his site for more hits and sales.

Sell your conspiracy snake oil somewhere else, we know the system's corrupt, we don't need you. By the way: a link to the right of this article misspells Edgar Allan Poe as "Allen," that's incorrect. Never mind...

yours, Matt Janovic

PS: It's funny how you completely ignore and fail to address the February 28th email. Also, it should be known that I never had contact with Dan Moldea during the proceedings, I don't agree with his take on the RFK assassination, and don't respect his or Mr. Constantine's work.
"Researcher Matt Janovic Misrepresents DC Madam 'Suicide' (PART TWO) - DAN MOLDEA IS A SHILL WITH CIA/FAR-RIGHT SPONSORSHIP," Alex Constantine's Blacklist, 11.28.2008:

"Researcher Matt Janovic Misrepresents DC Madam 'Suicide' (PART ONE)," Alex Constantine's Blacklist, 11.26.2008:

[Ed.--On a final note--isn't it strange how much power these kinds of people ascribe to the federal government? If only they did have these powers, then we might actually be able to fix things!! The oppressed and their shepherds have a way of giving their masters more actual power than they have, but that's a slave for ya.' Whatever, shut-up little man.]

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