Saturday, December 13, 2008

A message to Senate Republicans

We're on to you. Even your base is on to you. Soon, very soon, the economy is going to take an even greater hit and we're going to place most of the blame where it belongs: with you, the GOP. This isn't to say that we don't understand the Democratic Party's role in this crisis--we do--but first things first, since you're the greatest single threat to peace and stability.

Your unending insistence on deregulation that gave us the current economic crisis, to the gerrymandering and disenfranchisement of the poor, of Black Americans, and of homeless veterans, to your illegal war predicated on a lie, you time is ending.

Not only that, but we're coming for you with the legal system, with the courts. That time is coming soon. Observers like myself have waited for the day when the American public had no other choice but to deal with you, the real terrorists, the real internal criminal threat to the security and prosperity of the average person worldwide.

There won't be any more copping-out, no more cable television, no more shopping, no more, over, done. Without runaway consumerism to divert the public's attentions away from the real problems and the glaring inequality, you don't have much left except force.

That force will work for a short time, and then the public will stop tolerating it and absorb it in the groundswell that's coming--as it should--spontaneously, not directed from above. We know that the most extremist elements of the political world will label self-defense as "terrorism," just as they have so many time in the past, but it's not going to work. Why? You can't even accomplish what you want effectively, with any lasting-impact, which is a blessing.

You have:

--Increased the power and size of the federal government in ways you never wanted to, thank you.

--Created an economic crisis that's sure to place you back firmly as the minority political party for another fifty years, thank you very much.

--Run a cha-cha line of corruption into our courts and jails that would shock the citizens of the worst banana republics in this hemisphere.

--Far too many candidates and incumbents who appear to have very serious sexual issues such as pedophilia and closeted homosexual urges, as well as serial-adultery and the solicitation of prostitutes.

--No ideological foundation left as a party, the reason for this belated-move towards "conservatism" (a faux-version) in the auto "bailout," really a loan, but being misreported by your allies in the media.

--No morals, no beliefs, and no soul.

--The markings of criminals in almost every respect.

--To be broken-up as a national party due to endless criminal behavior,
an aversion for rehabilitation, and a lack of remorse.

After all the masks and excuses are used up (coming tomorrow), there will only be the reality of what held this American order together all along: the threat of naked force.

This time, it's going to meet up with a sociological explosion mightier than all the atomic weapons on earth, and it will lose. See you in 2010 when the playing field has changed even further away from your agenda, and hope many of you aren't sitting in prison at that time.

And don't think for a moment that we didn't notice you throwing loans to the auto industry to your lame duck president, since he's on his way out. You're next. Even the rednecks are getting sick of you and your shit and Black Americans are going to continue voting regardless of your efforts. Unions are going to be making a comeback, and most of the economy is going to become nationalized.