Thursday, February 14, 2008

That'll learn ya.' (Votin' for the Second Coming)

Better luck next life...maybe. If you stop swilling beer, voting Republican (or Democrat, but mostly Republican), thinking you're better than people of color (you're not), smoking meth, proudly not reading anything after you dropped-out of high school, and beating your woman, you might learn something. Sorry, I forgot: you're always right--or why would you live in a palace? No, it's not your fault. It wasn't coming to work late at the factory drunk every morning, and it wasn't that you're a barely coherent moral imbecile who gives and deserves no respect. It was the niggers, the faggots, and the Mexicans, obviously. T'aint nothin' enlistment wouldn't solve, so go make the plunge, dummies. Life as the average troglodyte redneck male must be hard, though I hear-tell from my neighbor that a few good-old-boys are still out there. They must feel lonely in these here parts of the Midwest. That'll learn ya'...for staying.