Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Castro Resigns...Then What?

Havana, Cuba/The State Department--As we all should know--especially those silly-ass anti-Castro Cubans who just want to go back to the ways of Battista--it isn't going to change on the island nation anytime soon. Was Castro a saint or a sinner? He was neither, but if you take his record on the world stage and in his country and place it alongside that of the United States--he wins every time, as we're the bad-guys of the Western Hemisphere, ever since the Monroe Doctrine. Fidel Castro is 81, he's had major surgery...he is an old man who isn't hiding this fact as so many high-powered American elites attempt so unsuccessfully to do.

Are there political prisoners in Cuba? Yes, though the number has likely doubled thanks to Guantanamo Bay's concentration camp. Is there torture in Cuba? We don't know whether Castro's regime does this systematically with any absolute certainty anymore than we know if this is the case at Guantanamo Bay: President Bush admitted that water-boarding techniques are used by agents of the American State the lat two-weeks. When we look at the crimes of Castro, we're only looking at what we hate in ourselves. He has hardly been the greatest human rights offender during the 50-years of his rule, but the United States and the numerous regimes she has supported have.

Will things change in Cuba? Have they changed since Fidel Castro had his surgery? They have not in any substantial sense, and aren't going to during the administration of George W. Bush, or even the next president. There will be no end to the trade embargo, and hence, no changes in Cuba. There's your answer. Countries like Spain, Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Brazil, Canada--OK, the rest of the world besides the United States--will continue to conduct trade and feed the Cuban economy with their tourist dollars.

Unlike the rest of the citizens of the planet earth, Americans are legally prevented from going to Cuba (though many do anyway through other countries) and are subject to fines of several hundred dollars if caught there.
If Cuba's so bad, why not let Americans see it and decide for themselves? There will be no invasion of Cuba. America is now more diplomatically isolated than the regime in Havana, a regime that isn't going away anytime soon. We are the New Cuba.