Monday, February 25, 2008

"Ralph Nader caused the Democrats to lose the White House in 2000."

The Strident Democratic/Republican Parallel Universe--What planet are you from? The elections of 2000 were STOLEN by the Bush campaign, the RNC, Katherine Harris and her henchies, and the Supreme Court. The discussion ends after that, and quit ignoring the elephant in the room--the elections of 2000 were stolen.

We chose not to confront the Bush campaign as we should have as a nation back then, and we've been paying the price for it ever since. Blaming Ralph Nader for the fact that the Democratic platform stank to high heaven and didn't address the needs or the will of the American people is an insult to the intelligence or morons everywhere (you hear that Republicans?).

The DNC--by barring real grassroots representatives within the party--has alienated many Americans, and so has the voting behavior of politicians like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Daniel Inouye, Joe Lieberman, John Kerry, and so many others.

It's time that the Democratic Party decides who they're with: the American people, or the corporations and the Kings of High Finance (no, not the Jews, stupid).

Ralph Nader isn't running to win, he's running to get the issues out there. I won't be voting for him as I did in 2000, it doesn't matter. The real point is getting another viewpoint out there and pressuring the candidates towards the will of the public, there is no other reason. Even with people voting more than they have in ages, it's not enough. The excuses don't hold any water anymore.

It's time to start voting again America, the Republicans and the sell-outs in the Democratic Party will only respond to pressure, and that's exactly what this great man is doing, a man who has genuinely stood-by his ideals and our cherished principles of democracy. Few incumbents can say this. Slagging Ralph isn't going to change the fact that neither of the two parties are not responding to the will of the people. Only by taking-up those principles and acting on them as responsible citizens is going to do the job.

Ralph Nader could teach former professor Barack Obama a thing-or-two about the Constitution and what's really possible in Washington. Obama's the best candidate the system can produce, and it will be his fault if he becomes president and doesn't listen to all of us--the American people--that final "check" in our system of checks and balances in government. The New Deal didn't happen because of FDR anymore than the victory of unionization during the Great Depression--it was Americans standing-up and taking responsibility for their lives and demanding a better tomorrow. FDR was wise enough to step-aside and let things go in a productive direction.

Providing the pressure is what Nader is doing, and it's strange that anyone claiming to hold genuine American ideals of democracy would say that he shouldn't run. Pressure from third parties has been very effective in our history towards positive social change, and it works. People are entitled to their opinions, but take-note the ferocity directed at Nader. Is it justified? This writer thinks not.