Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Protect America Act Becomes Pemanent: Then What?

Washington D.C.--How could any foreign or domestic corporation outside of the telecommunications industry ever believe that their communications were secure? Who would want to do business here after that? How can any US-based telecommunications company look a business client in the eye and be able to promise that they can provide real security for their transmissions? Of course they won't cooperate without a warrant if the Protect America Act doesn't pass (it will, and hilarity will ensue...), but since when doesn't the GOP and the Bush White House use circular reasoning? They don't even understand the laws of physics, so they might violate those too, but on-accident.

Since most American presidential administrations are hopelessly corrupt, what's to stop any or all of them from using the new surveillance apparatus and the databases their building to engage in international insider trading? Imagine the potential for rampant industrial-tech espionage, globally, by the State Department--the executive branch.
Who would stop them? The marketplace, naturally, but why not save the time and money by killing this wrong-headed legislation here-and-now, letting the Protect America Act die with this criminally corrupt and inept administration?

All of this leads to the same place: America will decline as a global power, nothing can prevent it. This bill will only accelerate the process, just as the wars in the Middle East are doing right now. The real fear is of the American people. We're considered the "threat to our national security." The "our" isn't the public, it's the people who have traditionally held power in this country. With Empire sinking, the domestic population will be harder to pacify and control, hence the "need" for "increased security." They know the groundswell is coming, and have seen it on the horizon for over eighty-years. Change is inevitable. Making it constructive is not, that requires will and effort. Time to move.