Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Murdered SPC. Megan Touma and the Symbol

Ft. Bragg, North Carolina--It doesn't take Sherlock Holmes--or even the fat and lethargic Mycroft--to understand the meaning of the symbol enclosed in a letter claiming responsibility for the murder of Ms. Touma. Whomever sent it is taunting the authorities, society, and maybe even the decedent's family.

letter itself is likely dated on the same day that Touma was murdered--the sender notes that it is his "role model's" symbol (it comes from ZODIAC), and it was sent to a Fayetteville newspaper (The Observer), not the police.

The authorities are telling us that they don't know what caused the death of Ms. Touma, but it appears that a murder has occurred. An autopsy has been completed, but remains unreleased. Touma had only been in country from her station in Germany as a dental specialist for a mere two weeks.

The decedent was not reported AWOL when she should have been under United States Army procedure. This suggests that someone with intimate knowledge of Touma and details of her life killed her. They might have even written the letter.
In tandem with all of this, we might be seeing a social trend in this and another murder.

In January of this year, Marine Lance Corporal Maria Lauterbach was also murdered while pregnant. It is assumed that she was brutally murdered by Corporal Cesar Laurean for reasons that remain unknown, but could be guessed with reasonable accuracy. Laurean is presumed to have assassinated Lauterbach and burned her body in a pit in his backyard so as to dispose of the evidence of his crime. This suggests panic with very little premeditation, something done on-the-fly.

Laurean was captured in Mexico around April 10th of this year, thanks to his constant logging online to communicate with his wife and to access their bank account. The actual wife cooperated with Mexican authorities and helped them bag Laurean. We could be witnessing a very peculiar sociological phenomena that has its roots in our current embattled male-identity.

Are we seeing the rise of the military serial killer, or is that an oxymoron? Are our military installations and their environs becoming a stand-in for the streets of Whitechapel? After all, assassination is what the military does best, and soldiers murdering each other is not a very long walk from warfare.