Thursday, July 19, 2007

Missing-the-point of technology

You ever noticed that whole-swaths of the public and those in government just haven't--and still don't--get the implications of the internet and the blogs? It's like the idiotic officer classes during WWI, sending wave-after-wave of infantrymen into machine-gun fire because they thought 19th century military tactics still applied. Or what of the Kaiser's inability to recall the trains sending the German Army to the fronts (as part of the "Schlieffen plan") in the first-days of the Great War? Yes, this is where the legendary phrase, "The trains must run on-time," comes from. Drop the chimp-posture. Quit sleep-walking through history, and start reflecting on these things. The internet and the blogs serve as an even greater innovation than the invention of the printing press. Wake up. Develop an imagination. Use your head. Now act, it's time to end the apathy and boorishness. It's not a time for "niceness."