Friday, November 30, 2012

Will there be an e-book? (And errata)

Yes, there will indeed be an e-book, and it's coming soon, perhaps within the month. There have been issues with formatting, and I want any e-book edition to be of a good quality like the hard copy version. It will also be available from Amazon. Let the Dead Bury the Dead isn't an easy book to format, and this is my Luddite bias rearing its head here, but it has far more impact as a pretty effective physical copy book, if I do say so myself, and I do. The fact is, I want this book to reach motherfuckers from here to Irkutsk, no bullshit, far and wide. I consider that the book is a return of historical writing as literature. 

People want to read something that's alive, not leaden and overly formal--too academic. I could have footnoted, yes, but why is that necessary in a historical account? That question hit me early-on in the process, and while I do direct the reader to where sometimes secondary information is from, a lot of the book is primary information being published for the first time, or at least outside of my blog. I didn't wait long after Jeane's death to begin sharing that information with the public, most of it emails between us, others, and any number of permutations of correspondents. There are also excerpts from public documents, Palfrey's trial transcripts, affidavits, from her case and those of others, online exchanges, and shots from slavering right-wing trolls out of the shadows of electronic aether, a lot of communications mediums, too many. No matter how you cut it, I prefer traditional books. They never crash, only burn, at four hundred and fifty degrees fahrenheit.

A great deal of effort was expended trying to preserve the original layouts of emails and public documents during formatting, and while you can only do so much, most of them look essentially as they did. Some of this will inevitably be lost in formatting for various e-book platforms, but anything PDF will be unchanged. With the Kindle, I'm almost certain that it should turn out well, however, some of the impact of the original will be lost. Regardless of that, I believe the book will stand on its own legs.

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