Friday, November 16, 2012

more good news on the book...

I ordered the first proof today and should be receiving it within about a week. Wish us luck! Going only from the templates and files, the appearance should be pretty solid with a good interplay between the text and the cover design. The price will be announced the day it goes on sale and is reasonable based on length, the subject, and effort expended. No one's getting rich here, least of all me.


  1. Hi Celia. I haven't decided when that's going to happen yet. It could be simultaneous to the release of the hard copy, but there are issues of piracy involved with that.

    However, I will be registering with Google Books as well, so a good percentage of it will likely be online, but that's also up in the air.

    When it does go to an e-book format, I will in all likelihood price it at $9.99 USD, but it will be on sale for several days, maybe weeks with periodic sales.

    At 622 pages, with an index (sorry, no photos for the comic & coloring book crowd), and years of unimaginable amounts of work that, were it put down simply to hours would be a fortune in wages, I have to price the book accordingly, but it's a fairly standard one for regular releases in trade paper of this size and length. So, in fact, it will be a bargain.

    I will announce the price at some point, or it will simply appear on They will of course place some kinds of excerpts on there and I'll put some on the other blog for the book, which can be found at:

    I do not expect much if any media attention for reasons that I make clear in the book itself, which is partly a very pointed critique of them in the US, mainstream media. You see, Palfrey's story is indigestible, it cannot be absorbed by our consumerist society, because it indicts it to its foundations, specifically the true crime genre.

    Needless to say, some wise-ass is going to say that the book itself is part of that, but that's only partly true since it was more a political and historical affair.

    At 622 pages, I was only able to scratch the surface. No one book can encapsulate most events, never mind lives, it's impossible, as everyone should know. There will also be some who are going to claim that this was all about money--I'd love to see more science fiction math, I didn't get enough during the elections. No money has been forthcoming and the last person who paid me was Jeane, when I worked for her as a general researcher.

    So, no, anyone contending that will be a liar, probably a practiced one, if they contend that, and even were the book to become a hit, it would simply pay expenses off.

    As for signed copies, I've promised a few people some. Everyone else, no dice, and I have no idea why anyone would want one from someone who's essentially unknown, I don't get it at all.