Saturday, November 03, 2012

media & prospective interviewers

As I've made clear in these past postings, I'm running the show. There will be review copies sent by request and no preview copies. I'm not concerned about your opinions on that either. This will be accompanied by an agreement not to illegally disseminate copies. I have a way of tracking this too, so don't think it's going to float if you have any weird ideas about that.

To sum it up: Any question I don't care to answer, I won't. If you push the issue, the interview is over, done, forever, don't contact me again. Serious inquiries only. Mainstream media--if any bother to cover this, which I doubt for reasons that are expanded upon in the book--will have to go buy a copy, unless they can give me a compelling reason why not. I have close to zero respect for any of that, like the rest of the public, I don't trust you, and go "balance" yourself to check yourself.

Not that I expect anyone to do their homework as I have on this subject, and we're talking five years running now,  how exactly can any of you accurately assess what I experienced? That comes down to who you trust and what you uncover. Yes, there are likely many more pieces of information I haven't, and there are other players in the event with their own opinions who were privy to other parts of the story, we know this. You're objective, neither am I, and don't insult my or anyone's intelligence trying to kid us that you are, or that you're more objective, you're not. I'm not a nihilist, but you're not going to find the ultimate truth of whole swaths of this case. With the state of journalism today, I'm on solid ground. Ever attempt has been made to corroborate what's in the book.

If you want to conduct interviews, I'm here, contact me via the profile page.

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