Friday, January 30, 2009

UK's Mathaba (who are they?) parrots "Palfrey was murdered" theory

--Never content to take things as they really are, Mathaba has joined the list of the over-credulous who contend that Deborah Jeane Palfrey (dubbed the "DC Madam" by the mainstream American press) was "murdered." Facts don't matter when holding this theory, and lots of other exculpatory evidence must be ignored when contending something as baseless as this.

Paranoia has gone from a form of consciousness to an almost mainstream subculture, also making it a consumer phenomena. Worthless. The link at the bottom leads to the original offender, the comments above it are my reply. I am uncertain whether it will be posted there or not.

Writer Diana Lee might be a great person, I have no idea, but her article isn't "great," "good," or even well researched. It's part of a new form of literature, sadly taken for fact. Put it on the shelf next to books on UFOs, Atlantis, and the Piltdown man being "real."
Ten months of correspondence means something. Ten minutes on Google does not.

Two well known journalists I have had the pleasure of contacting have assured me that they also felt Palfrey was disturbed. Others are likely to concur. But didn't we all fail her? Yes, we did. We should have helped her, and I tried in my own way, but there was nothing to be done. She was intent on acquittal...or death.

"I would question the research in this piece, specifically on the point that the deceased Ms. Palfrey was "murdered," or "died under suspicious circumstances." For this to be possible, one has to very selectively assemble a conglomeration of statements she made to the press, sans context.

For example: some of these quotes of her fear dying suspiciously was usually found in the context of her going to prison and being found dead there. This is rarely ever reported, and I suspect, parsed out of the original interviews for being inconvenient and dissonant to the baseless theory that she was murdered. There's no evidence of this whatsoever.

As a matter of fact, having had a ten month correspondence with Ms. Palfrey until March 20, 2008, and having been a general defense researcher for her at her own request, I can say with reasonable authority that she was incredibly unbalanced mentally and that I held fears from my involvement with her from June 2007 until it ended in the spring of 2008. There was a real bombshell that she kept from her counsel, but sent to myself, a co-researcher, and journalist Jason Leopold on February 28th, 2008. I reprint it here, in-full:

'Jason… let’s put it like this, the bastards aren’t going to take me alive. Of course, anytime that you want to do an interview – I will make myself available. However, I doubt that I will be doing any interviews once I am in D.C., for the trial. –Best, Jeane'

There is other information that supports this, including statements she made to the mainstream American press. From spring of 2007 until the end, she was frequently making absolute statements that, "I'm not going back to prison, not one day," and, "The government isn't taking anything away from me."

Taken together with her 1992 conviction affidavit where she expressed suicidal wishes, the conditions under which her counsel Montgomery Blair Sibley was discharged (at the time, Jeane told me, "Things were said that cannot be taken back."), prosecutorial misconduct that could include not calling for a competency hearing when they knew they had a suicidal defendant, and other comments she made to me and others. This article is speculative-at-best in this area, and I would suggest in others by-implication. Do your research, look around.

Palfrey's greatest motive in killing herself was the abatement issue that also gets ignored by holders of this stupid theory that, "She were murdered." There is no solid evidence at this writing of this being the case, and I would suggest that Gary Webb was a career journalist who was dumb enough to care what his peers in his field thought of him, one of the main causes of his suicide."