Saturday, January 31, 2009

More "she were suicided" fun at UK site Mathaba

Ed.--It never ends, and what a bunch of scared turds there are out there. She committed suicide. A jackape named "Sarah" points-out that I made an observation last May that Palfrey's suicide notes were legitimate and that some wild speculator named "J.J. Raymond" was completely wrong in his analysis of the handwriting.

As any fool knows--and aren't we all fools these days--handwriting analysis is entirely speculative and not a science but an art. Not that this little man was working from originals at any point, nor is likely to ever do so. He and the "she were suicided" crew have nothing.

Raymond and these morons know this, and they know that that's all they have regarding the death of Jeane Palfrey: speculations, and wild ones with wild leaps of logic found among those with just enough knowledge to be a problem to others. That's right, stupid people who can read a little. Below is my reply to "Sarah," I assume a fake identity of someone without a shred of credibility when it comes to the last year of Deborah Jeane Palfrey.

"The problem with your contention is that I'm saying the suicide notes were not forged, they were real. Therefore--based on my own ten month correspondence with her, my general defense research for her--I say none of you have a clue what you're talking/writing about here in any respect. I could care less about Mr. Raymond's opinions on the matter, or those found in the rest of the comments.

You were not part of the story, I was, and so were others. Ask Larisa Alexandrovna, go ask any of the journalists who interviewed her and they will tell you that she was unbalanced throughout the entire ordeal. That you cannot ascertain the obvious from the whole catastrophe is a mark of how unintelligent and irrational you all are.

Let me make it clear: she killed herself by her own hand. She was offered excellent plea deals that she refused again and again, she put out numerous suicidal cues throughout the affair, she had made similar threats/statements back in 1992, she emailed me, a co-researcher, and noted journalist Jason Leopold (hiding it, presumably) from her then-counsel, and she even expressed it to her civil counsel, Montgomery Blair Sibley. This is why he was removed from the case by her. There is more, and it is coming from me and from others who I assume are writing their own accounts for the record.

But again, I could really care less about the opinions of those who have no idea what they're talking about in this whole story. Why you wish to believe this--and it is a desire, obviously--is a matter of scared little people. Go ahead, believe the world is flat, there is a divine Jesus, there are aliens abducting rednecks (who else would they want to communicate with?), and that everything is under totalitarian rule. Believe the fiction, I don't really care, and neither do most intelligent adults with a clue."

I would also add that pointing-out earlier comments when the news was fresh is the oldest trick in the book on the part of the huckster conspiracy salesperson. Want fries with your book and conspiracy mug? I know, I know: t'was the gub'ment, even before there was one.

That's an arch-conservative argument, incidentally (not-so-incidentally, or coincidentally), part of the redneck problem. Congratulations Sarah, you learned how to cut-and-paste, you're a genius. Mr. Raymond? A funny little man with very little company on this topic.