Monday, January 19, 2009

The Nation reprints eerily prescient March, 1933 article, "Farewell to the Republicans"

WWW--The Nation has reprinted this article when--I know it's hard to imagine--there was an era of unprecedented corruption under Republican rule that led to an economic crisis. If you changed the names, you would think it was written this week.

But we are taking leave not merely of a single Administration. For twelve years the Republican Party has been in power. During ten of those years it controlled the executive and legislative branches of the government. When, a few years hence, an attempt is made to minimize the disaster of this last quadrennium, and to point to a preceding eight year period of material development and growth, let it be noted that in a purely material sense the American people are much worse off today than they were twelve years ago. Far more than was gained has been swept away. Savings have been dissipated, lives have been blasted, families disintegrated. Misery and insecurity exist to a degree unprecedented in our national life. And spiritually the American people have been debauched by the materialism which made dollar-chasing the accepted way of life and accumulation of riches the goal of earthly existence.

Sound familiar? If it doesn't, you might check to see if you have a pulse. Farewell to the Republicans and everyone like them, and may God damn those who still support them and their agenda.

"A Farewell to Republicans," The Nation, March 8, 1933: