Friday, October 17, 2008

Songs from the Site Meter: The Sibley Clan?

Site Meter--My "relationship" with close-to-erstwhile attorney Montgomery Blair Sibley (former DC Madam counsel) has been storied-at-best. Like erstwhile author Bill Keisling, Sibley's come around looking for my pieces of information regarding the case, and I have to be fair: he's been pretty equitable in sharing, which is saying a lot more in his favor than Keisling who wanted and never gave-in-return.

Sibley's also been much more well-mannered than Keisling, whose overall sincerity I doubt on a number of topics. That might be because he filed for chapter 13 reorganization before his role in the DC Madam's saga, and needed a big story to pay some outstanding bills. It appears that I'm not alone in my suspicions that he's ingenuine. But Keisling told me a number of extraordinarily wild "facts" surrounding the case, and claimed they were by-way of Sibley.

Some of these statements appear to be spot-on, but then he clammed-up entirely after getting a few emails between Palfrey and I. I'd love a clarification from Mr. Keisling, it might allay my own fears, and the fears of others regarding his investigative behaviors that smack more of a used car salesman than someone wishing to fix a broken system. My own hunch is that one thing he told me was true: that he's ghostwriting Sibley's book for a cut. If that's the case, it explains why he won't discuss anything with me--he's under contract to the Marianne Strong Agency and cannot.

That said, the Sibley clan originates from Rochester, NY, where Montgomery Blair Sibley was raised. Interestingly, Keisling once conveyed to me that he was researching a story in upperstate New York before he cut all contact. But "Blair's" also been awfully quiet these days--he's finishing his take on the Palfrey scandal. Who knows who this hit might be? Without being prolix...

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