Monday, December 17, 2007

Press Attempts Clumsy Smear of Sex Pistols' John Lydon

"We weren't paid the first time out. We intend to be this time." --John Lydon, 2007.

Sacramento, California--'They only did it for the money,' states the mainstream press line on the 1996 and 2007 Sex Pistols reunion. So, where's the story here? Correct, there isn't one. What exactly is wrong with the artists--the actual authors and performers of the music--making money off of their hard work and their talent? Because all the middle men, music industry hacks and shills, crooked lawyers, and all the rest of the leeches that cluster to popular artists, aren't making all of the money.
Rocker JOHN LYDON only agreed to reunite the SEX PISTOLS for comeback tours in 1996 and 2007 to make money. The God Save The Queen singer admits he had no artistic reasons to reform the iconic punk band, just financial ones. He says, "I think that the word reunion... it just implies, 'Oh, they're back for the money.' Yeah, well, hello! Of course we're back for the money. And what is the shame in that?

(World Entertainment News Network December 17, 2007, )
And be sure to CAPITALIZE the names of your TARGETS, it implies that they're BAD PEOPLE. And so, the aforementioned middle men from the dying music industry nudge their allies in the press who feel the same about it anyway--artists like the Sex Pistols need to shut-up and act like everyone else: as employees with few rights. Sorry, the Pistols aren't about to do that, not ever.

Here's to the Sex Pistols and John Lydon, may they bathe in those greenbacks as they always should have, rather than scum like Malcolm Maclaren or that corn-toothed idiot-thief Richard Branson. May Branson die in a balloon crash, the twit. Never trust a hippie capitalist. The only reason any of these kind of turds will be remembered at all is because of their association with the greatness of the Sex Pistols and all the other musicians and artists that they ripped-off over-the-years.

Time to let the music industry finish itself off. It appears they're doing all of the work, for all of us, the real music lovers. When you accept the rules of your natural adversaries, you've already lost. This round: Johnny Rotten-1, Press-0. Now, if we can just get a PiL reunion going--whoops! No money in that one!