Friday, June 17, 2011

What's been going on?

I'd write, "Not a lot," but it would be untrue.

Work continues on revising and editing on the DC Madam account--no rush jobs here, I'm hoping at the end of it all that what the reader will have is a fair and accurate accounting of my experiences in the DC Madam scandal. Right now, the manuscript is clocking in at 527 pages, but should be trimmed to one hundred less (plus and index, a rarity these days in non-fiction books).

There will be a hard-copy edition first. Plans on who will be publishing have yet to be decided, but this will be self-published regardless, my own imprint. I'm hoping to keep things down in size and length so that it's an affordable trade paper with a slick cover. A cover design has already been finalized and will relate directly to the case itself. There will be no other photographs beyond that.

Other news: I've recently had surgery for an inguinal hernia, a bad one. This has taken me off of my work on the book for a time, but it's recommenced. The hernia actually began one week after Jeane contacted me to cover her story, do research, and put up with her shit (I wouldn't do the final one) and has plagued me now for several years, but it's thankfully over. Don't let anybody kid you, they're awful...

Also, the hernia impacted any possibility of much posting on here, besides the usual lack of support that most bloggers know all too well. So, if you wonder why I don't post much it's because I'm not being given a reason to.

Release date for the DC Madam account: This is up in the air. All work is being done by the author, so it's time consuming to say the least. But expect a release of no later than early 2012, possibly sooner.

Publishers & Agents: I don't need you or want you, something I've made crystal clear in the past. There are things like Lulu now, they pay an 80/20-split (80% for the author, top that), get the books to buyers within a mere few days, and the quality is very good. I'm not some goggle-eyed kid who's naive enough to think I'm going to get a "good deal," an author needs a lawyer and a machine-gun to get paid by the big houses.

That's it.

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