Monday, February 09, 2009

Barack Obama is Duane Jones and we're inhabiting the plotline of Night of the Living Dead

A'murka--The above statement is so true. We're faced with an unprecedented economic crisis--the zombies are crashing the doors down--and all these clowns can think of to do is to go hide in the basement because "it's safer."

These goofballs are as reckless and nuts as that bald Goldwater moron in George Romero's original "Night of the Living Dead," it's uncanny, astounding. It's life imitating art. Where's that post-9/11 bluster from all these "patriots," all those people beating their chests about how strong America is and displaying their "pride" with their "Support our Troops" bumper stickers? They're hiding somewhere, someplace, at some undisclosed location with Grover Norquist and some quaking Libertarians.

But you do this when you're out of your depth, when everything you held up as true was shown to be a dumb lie, and that you don't have any answers to the mess you've gotten yourself and your family into mainly because you're a pig-headed ass. Look at how scared the bald moron is in NOTLD sometime, it's almost as pathetic, fear-inducing, and hilarious to watch as the old man that rose up screaming, "There are socialists taking over!" at a 2008 McCain rally. Pathetic. Moronic. Ignorant. Dangerous.

Dangerous? Yes, dangerous. Dangerous because these clowns could take the rest of us down with them in their supreme idiocy and selfishness. They are little people, spiritual descendants of lynch mobs, just like the asshole who gets everyone killed in NOTLD--except Duane Jones--and he's killed by racist rednecks. Is that how we want America to end? Dr. King asked in the title of one of his books, "Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community?" What's it going to be America? Are you going to hide in the basement--selfishly, in a cowardly manner--or go and face the problems reasonably and rationally? It's time to be Americans, the moment calls for it.

And thank God: at least we have Duane Jones at the helm and not a frightened, balding old conservative fool. It was a very close call, which is why the current misbehavior from the right should be no surprise at all.

Postscript, 08.02.2009: Hey, I had to give him a chance, but it appears he's decided to side with the crazy fucker in the basement--you know, that whole "go down in flames" meme appears to arouse him as it tends to when someone gets a taste of power and they have already have their head rammed fully up their ass. But hey, he's given me a new idea for a satire...