Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"Lohan refers to Obama as 'first colored president'"

New York, New York (not the Scorsese film, silly)--She's at it again: Lindsay Lohan has stuck her foot in her mouth, and not her new g-friend's. You know, she's 22, and she's in the spotlight. How would your youth look if it was on billboards, televisions, in print, DVD, downloads, celebutante rags, and all the others forms of media?

And she didn't choose this, her parents did. They made her be a child star, just like Fatty Arbuckle's did. I assume they ripped-her-off too, because what's family for in America, after all?

Look, she blogged about her sincere support of Barack Obama on her own personal blog, it's OK, calm down. Have some dip (thanks George Carlin), relax.

There was a time--and for some there still is--where referring to a Black American as "colored" was a far cry from what the rest were calling them--namely, "niggers." It's shameful, all of it, I know. I can assure many readers out there that the Amish still use this term when referring to Black people, but they hate most all outsiders whom they refer to as a bloc called "the English" (English-speakers).

She meant well, but it came out very-very wrong. People make mistakes, like getting tit-jobs.
This is getting down to human anthropology here, it is what it is, but I don't think Lohan meant anything derogatory by it, she's just young and naive, and apparently gay for now. Great, now many Black Americans are really gonna hate her now...did I mention that she has poor taste in friends? That too.